I almost walked OUT of the theater! (Spoiler Free Review of Breaking Dawn Part 2)

You know I was one of those crazy women at the theater last night, chomping at the bit, waiting to see the final installment of the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn II... I had my shirt made, Snickers in my pocket, huge order of nachos, and a seat on the end (because you know I have issues with people who smack their food). I did all of my usual stunts:
  1. Had the hubby make me (and some friends) shirts for the night... yes, shirts for every occasion are a must.
  2. Curled my hair and actually put on make-up (because you know Edward can see through the screen)... patiently waited for the hubby's annual comment "You NEVER get this dressed up on our date nights"... I wasn't disappointed: he delivered just before I left.
  3. Ate half of my contraband (hidden in my pockets) before I even parked in the theater parking lot, darn you Snickers with almonds.
  4. Met my partner for all things Twilight related, Vesta! Who had been patiently waiting at the theater saving seats for 2 1/2 hours (everyone who knows me knows that I have a mental syndrome, IAMALWAYS15MINUTESLATE disease, only the awesome people of the world suffer from this... in this case I was 2 hours behind schedule :/)
  5. Took three trips to the restroom, 1 trip to the concessions (remember I ate all my candy in the car) and about 20 pictures because everysingle one had something that someone didn't like... eyes closed, double chin, "I look fat", etc etc.
  6. FINALLY, I turned to the row behind me and started my interrogation:
    1. "Are you screamers, smackers, cryers, talkers or the giggly girls who are going to kick my seat all night?"............. They didn't claim any, as usual... discovered they were chair kickers ;(
  7. Scoped out all the audience and made (inappropriate) comments... Why would you bring an infant here?, she did not wear that?! Is that blood on her neck? You know how it goes, you've done it.
NOW, on to the movie.

It was flipping awesome! In my opinion it was the best Twilight yet. No more stuttering Bella or whimpering Edward, they were tough as nails and TOGETHER (and I mean together baby, right in the beginning). As usual the storyline followed the book really closely but man there was one detail I had forgotten and it really mattered later in the movie! 

Which brings me to the title of this post... I almost walked out of the theater. This one minor detail made the entire audience gasp and I really think we all held our breath until we said something to the effect of "THIS IS CRAP! I can't believe this is happening, NO WAY... I need a refund". Yeah, it was that bad. But, in the end this was just a really great ending to the series.

I won't say any more because I can't spoil it for the other 9 million people that will be watching it today. But I will definitely be going back to see it again with the hubby and to catch all the details I missed last night, you know the second time is even better.

*From a mother's perspective: The love scene in this movie was pretty intense. I wouldn't recommend younger children watch it.*


  1. Ok now I am REALLY curious.
    And craving nachos.
    You sure you don't want to private email me the spoiler? Lord knows I'll probably be waiting for video.

    1. I'll tell you if you REALLY want me to JuJu :)

    2. I'd like to know too...because I swore off the movies after the lackluster first movie. Kristen Stewart as Bella, Really??? Anyway, it's been a while since I read the book and now I really want to know (without sitting through the rest of it) what you're referring to. Oh yeah, and I'm also craving nachos. Thanks! Lol.

    3. Jennifer send us an email and I will spoil away! I already had to spill the beans to Kelli :)

  2. Can not wait! Love this post. You are hilarious as always!

  3. I have the same disease as you! I'm so curious about this big twist everyone keeps talking about. Must. Not. Spoil. Self.

  4. I saw the movie today and I had the same reaction! My friend and I were freaking out and were about to cry when it happened. I was like NOOOO! What's going on?! I just did not see that coming at all! But it was an amazing movie :)

  5. Natalie, after seeing BD2 twice now, I completely agree with your review! I thought it was the best Twilight yet, and finally, after five movies, Kristen Stewart "got" Bella! I am so glad you told me about the twist at the end or I would have been livid!


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