Weekly Wrap-Up 11.11.12

Have you noticed our new look?  Natalie designed and uploaded our new layout this week.  Isn't it pretty?  She does such a great job maintaining our site!  And she made me a Thanksgiving signature too!

Books I Read This Week:
Guns Will Keep Us Together (Bombay Assassins #2) by Leslie Langtry  This was a fun read, but not my favorite in the series.  I just couldn't identify with Dakota, the narrator.

Blissful Lies by Jennifer Brown Thomas  This book reminded me of Gossip Girl and the Pretty Little Liars series.  It was a good read, but not for me.  I'm not going to be reviewing this one, but I will be participating in a blog tour for it.

Stand By Your Hitman (Bombay Assassins #3) by Leslie Langtry   I loved this one!  Missi, the narrator, is one of my favorite Bombay family members, and it was great to see her get her HEA.
Burning Blue by Paul Griffin   Really powerful read about a girl who gets acid squirted in her face by a most unlikely attacker.  I sped through it in a day and loved every minute of it!

How was your week?


  1. Bombay Assassins? Sounds fun. Did you review the 1st one?

    1. Hey Juju, I did. It's in my review index. the first one was great, the second good, and the third really good!

  2. Your holiday-themed signatures are cute!


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