Book Review: Rosy George's Convention Conundrum by P.J. Young

Twenty nine-year old Londoner Rosy dreams of writing like Pinter, marrying before thirty and NEVER leaving London.

But although Shrek lookalike fianc√© David’s cosmetic surgery placement means just that, her parents’ village of Lytton holds surprising attractions.

Such as theatre and sexy sailing instructor Angus.

And when David’s infidelity sparks a blissful affair with Angus, with a brand new ‘happy ever after’ a bouquet toss away, Angus is exiled.

David returns ... but his ‘deal-breaker’ means Rosy must discover her REAL dreams …

Release Date: July 24, 2012
Age Group: Adult
Source: Review copy from author

Having read and enjoyed PJ Young's YA book, To Be Honest (read my review here), I was looking forward to reading more from her, especially given that Rosy George's Convention Conundrum is an adult novel.  

This was such a neat book!  To me, it was a smartly-written women's fiction/romance.  Rosy is engaged to David and busy planning their wedding.  They are living together in London, when he gets accepted into a medical internship in Paris.  The rules of the internship dictate that no spouses or significant others can join the students in Paris.  So, suddenly, Rosy finds herself needing to move.  She moves in with her parents in Lytton, which is a huge step down for her.  Rosy misses the hustle and bustle of London, and has a hard time adjusting to the small town and slower-paced life in Lytton.  

Rosy writes screenplays in her spare time, and decides to start a play with the townspeople of Lytton.  This is a great diversion for her and she does a lot of growing throughout her work with the play.  Rosy has an attraction to Angus, who teaches sailing classes, but denies her attraction as she is happily engaged to David.  But then the unthinkable happens and Rosy is betrayed by David.  

Rosy has some hard decisions to make, and has to live with the aftermath of her chocies.  This was the crux of the book: should Rosy go with a conventional marriage or take a leap of faith and follow her heart?  Hence the title, Rosy George's Convention Conundrum.  When I first read the title I thought the book would be about a meeting-type convention, not a 'life-choices' convention.

What I really liked about this book was the dialogue, especially Rosy's internal dialogue.  She was witty and hilarious.  I loved her sarcasm and how she interacted with everyone around her.  Rosy had a lot of spunk and I loved that.   

Rosy George's Convention Conundrum was a fast, fun, light-hearted read.  I really enjoyed it and would definitely read PJ Young again.  

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  1. Sounds like a fun book to read. I love chick lit type books that take place in the UK. They're my favorite. Thanks for sharing. I shall add this to my Wish List.


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