Book Review: Unfurl (Ripple #3) by Cidney Swanson

Against all expectations, Samantha Ruiz has survived attacks by two of Helmann’s deadliest assassins. She’s alive, but she’s far from safe. Helmann is planning a second Holocaust and wants Sam to play a starring role. Will, meanwhile, separated from Sam by an ocean, seeks a way to prevent Helmann’s apocalypse. Along with Sir Walter and Mickie, Will plays a deadly game sneaking into Geneses’ facilities, discovering unsettling clues as to Helmann’s plans. The clock ticks down as Will and Sam discover just how much they must be willing to sacrifice to stop Helmann. UNFURL, the powerful conclusion to The Ripple Series, will leave fans breathless.

Release Date: January 1, 2012
Age Group: YA
Source: Review copy from author
Other Books in the series: Rippler, Chameleon

I liked Unfurl from the very first page to the very last line of the book.  The story is told in alternating points of view, from Sam and Will's perspectives.  I love a first-person narrative, but I love an alternating first-person POV even more.  The first two books in the Ripple series featured Sam as the narrator, so I really enjoyed getting a glimpse into Will's thoughts in Unfurl.

Unfurl begins exactly where Chameleon ended.  Sam and Will are separated: he's still in France and she's back home in San Francisco.  They are missing each other something fierce, especially considering that they just declared their feelings for each other at the end of Chameleon.  They had very little time together as a couple before Sam had to go back home.

There was more action in Unfurl than I was expecting.  I liked it, though.  This book felt more like science fiction than the other books in the series, which I enjoyed.  It was definitely not a purely sci-fi novel, but a mix of paranormal, contemprary and sci-fi, which Swanson blended to perfection.

Unfurl was the perfect ending to the Ripple series.  There was closure to each element of the storyline, and I loved the ending to the love story.  I love Swanson's writing style: the pacing is just right, and her plot has just the right amount of twists to keep it interesting.  

I really enjoyed the Ripple series and would highly recommend it to fans of paranormal YA, sci-fi fans, and fans of contemporary YA!

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