Book Review: Sing to Me (True Images #2) by Michelle Pennington

Senior Prom is just a few weeks away, and Rylie’s long time crush asked her to go with him. Wow! Could things get more perfect? Oh, except her mom is making her earn the money for her dress, mostly by cleaning all the dead bugs out of their house, and a guy in choir is making her life miserable. Then her mom lands her a steady babysitting job and things start to look up. She’ll have her dress in no time and a two year old is better than bugs any day. Unfortunately, she’s in for a big surprise when she shows up for her first night on duty. One moonlit lullaby and Rylie realizes she’s in trouble. What do you do when you have everything you want… and you don’t want it anymore?

Release Date: September 20, 2012
Age Group: YA
Source: Review copy from author

I really enjoyed book one in the True Images series, Candid (read my review here) so I was excited to read this short story about one of the characters in Candid.  Rylie has had a crush on the most popular boy in school for forever, and he's finally noticed her and asked her to the prom, thanks to a picture that Sienna (from Candid) posted of Rylie on her photography blog.  

Rylie takes a babysitting job to earn the money for her dress, and is shocked to see that a boy from choir is her new charge's older brother.  The two become friends, but it's obvious that he wants to be the one to take Rylie to prom.   

Sing to Me is a fast, fun read about what to do when you get everything you want, but then realize that what you thought you wanted wasn't really what you wanted after all.  Rylie grows in emotional maturity throughout the novella, which was suprising given that most novellas don't offer much as far as character growth.  I loved the emphasis on music, as it added a lot of depth to the story.

I loved the sweet love story, and the way Pennington writes.  This series is one I would recommend to anyone, and one I would not mind my own daughter reading someday.  The writing is just good, clean writing, with an important message, delivered in a nice fast-paced plot.  Recommended! 


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