My toddler hid my book

I've been reading Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles #2) by Marissa Meyer for a while now.  I can read hard copies of books only when Kaitlyn (my 21 month-old) is asleep.  She loves to rip my books apart---just mine, not hers.  She ripped up a signed copy of Gabi Stevens' Wishful Thinking and I about went into orbit!  If I read anything while she's awake, it has to be on my Kindle.

Anyway, I have been slowly working my way through Scarlet.  Earlier this week, I went in search for it at Kaitlyn's nap time, thinking I could get a good bit of reading in while she napped.  I could not find Scarlet anywhere!  I went through every spot I could have put it, and still, no Scarlet.  I panicked.  I never lose things.  Especially books.  Especially ARCs.  Especially ARCs that I really want to read!  

I turned my house upside down for days looking for that book.  I could not find Scarlet anywhere!  Finally, I started going through our nightstands.  I don't keep anything in drawers that Kaitlyn can get into, hence both nightstands in my master bedroom are empty.  I found Scarlet in the second drawer of my nightstand (all by itself).  I didn't put it there, Toby (hubby) didn't put it there, so it had to be Kaitlyn.  When she saw it on the bar later I swear she got this look on her face and I just knew she hid it from me on purpose!

Has anything like this ever happened to you? 


  1. Ha! Not yet. But I've heard kids looove doing this sorta thing. Like with keys. So not looking forward to that. If I lose my iPod, I'll get heart palpitations.

    1. My world STOPS when I can't find my iPod Touch. I get all twitchy if it's not in my hand.

  2. You know those lunch sacks that have the zipper compartment on the bottom where you store an ice pack? That's where one of my kids hid one of my books before. I had looked through the entire house looking for my book. Finally I decided to ask my kid and they showed me where it was. I can't remember which kid it was but both of the older kids now know how precious mommy's books are. LOL

  3. This sound looks great !


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