Weekly Wrap-Up 1.6.13

Books I Read This Week (and two mini-reviews!):

Flock (Stork #3) by Wendy Delsol.  Mini Review: I never did read book one in the series, Stork, but I enjoyed book two, Frost, and when I saw Flock available as a Kindle book from my library, I had to check it out.  And I liked Flock, but didn't love it.  There wasn't enough chemistry between Katla and Jack, and there just seemed to be something missing.  Maybe it was the fact that I read Flock while totally exhausted after Christmas (so I was in a 'hard to impress' reading mood), but it fell a little flat for me. Rating: 3/5

Good To Myself by Heather Wardell.  Another winner by Wardell!  I love that her books are all set in Toronto and some of the characters cross over from book to book.  Full review to come.  

The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden (The Coincidence #1) by Jessica Sorenson.  Mini Review: I really enjoyed this book!  I am on a contemporary YA kick, and books like this one only reinforce my desire to read as much contemporary YA as I can.  This was definitely more mature-YA, with lots of chemistry and references to sex (just a warning, it's not appropriate for younger readers).  I could not believe the cliffhanger ending, as when I started the book I thought it would be a stand-alone!  I look forward to seeing how Sorenson resolves things in book two---both main characters have huge issues which need proper treatment---and boy, I really hope it's not a 'love conquers all' type of conflict resolution!  This was my first time reading Jessica Sorenson and I'll definitely be reading her books again.  Rating: 4/5

How was your reading week?


  1. You're a reading machine.

    FABulous minis!

  2. Great Haul! I' have't heard of any of these but the look good!

    Happy Reading! :)
    My New To Shelves: http://wwwthebookshelves.blogspot.com/2013/01/new-to-shelves-10-echo-of-smoke-and-bone.html


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