Weekly Wrap-Up 3.3.13

Confession time: I did not finish any book this week.  I started and stopped reading two books and then got disillusioned with reading (temporarily) and compulsively watched The Vampire Diaries on my iPad.  I stopped following the show after I had Kaitlyn---I had no time to sit at the computer and watch a TV episode and got really behind.

I just subscribed to NetFlix streaming and ended up watching a season's worth of episodes!  I was completely obsessed with all things Damon this week.  Is it just me or is he getting better looking as the show progresses?  I'm halfway into season three right now and my one concern is what will I do while I wait for season four to be released?!

How was your week?


  1. Oh I looove having tv show marathons.

    1. So do I, Juju! I love getting to watch a bunch of episodes all in a row. I've got 7 episodes left of season 3 TVD then am moving on to Parks and Recreation!


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