Book Review: Amandine by Adele Griffin

From the first moment of their meeting, Delia Blaine is fascinated by Amandine, who never fails to astonish with her bold, thrilling antics. As the games Amandine invents and the lies she tells become cruel and disturbing, Delia begins to fear her new friend. But breaking away from Amandine comes at a cost much greater than Delia ever could have imagined.

Release Date:  October 1, 2001
Age Group: YA
Source: NetGalley

This was a unique read.  It really took me back to a terrifying time in my life: being a teenager and the constant fight for acceptance.  When you're in that situation, you think that you're looking for acceptance from your peers.  But what the fight is really about is self-acceptance.  And the journey to self-acceptance is what Amandine was about for me.  

Delia is enthralled with her new friend Amandine, who is totally different from anyone else and does things no one else would do.  At first, they have a lot of fun together; but then, Amandine's games and lies become cruel.  Delia has to decide what to do: stop being friends with Amandine and suffer the consequences, or continue the friendship at the cost of her morals and beliefs.

I've read Adele Griffin before, and enjoy her work.  I like her writing style and characterization.  I also like how her books have a subtle message.  While I felt like Amandine was a little young for me, it was still a great read and I would definitely recommend it for the younger YA audience.


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