Book Review: Mom at Last: How I Never Gave Up on Being a Mother by Sharon Simons

Her biological clock ticking louder each day, Sharon Simons felt her heart sink as yet another “Mr. Wonderful” turned out to be a frog---not the prince she was waiting for. But when the right man did come along, their journey toward parenthood seemed more like a machete trail through a jungle than the smooth path of her dreams. Enduring multiple failed IVFs and the loss of their unborn twins, Sharon and her husband decided to adopt---taking a whirlwind trip to Russia and navigating the rough waters of international adoption red tape. Their journey ended, or rather began, when two baby boys were placed in their arms for the long trip home.
Part love story, part adoption memoir, and all heart,
Mom at Last is the story of one woman’s fierce determination to become a mother. Full of setbacks and emotionally devastating pitfalls, ultimately the journey leads her to true love and pure joy. Mom at Last will inspire women who find themselves on that sometimes difficult journey to motherhood, giving hope that motherhood is possible and encouraging women to never give up on their dreams. While every journey to motherhood is different, Mom at Last lets women know they are not alone in the struggle toward motherhood.

Release Date: August 1, 2013
Age Group: Adult
Source: Review copy from publisher

What a great read!  Books like Mom at Last make me want to read more nonfiction.  Being a mother to a two-year old, I could really identify with Sharon's desire to become a mother.  I can't imagine not having my baby, and the thought of being physically unable to have children is heartbreaking to me.  Mom at Last made me appreciate motherhood even more than I already do.

I liked Sharon right from the start.  She is strong, decisive, and smart.  What really made me fall in love with her, though, was how she triumphs despite her hardships.  No matter the circumstances, she never gave up on her calling to be a mother.  When I read about how Sharon lost her twin boys halfway through the pregnancy, I cried for her.  I could not believe the turn of events that lead to that heartache.  

But the most enlightening part of this book was the portrayal of Sharon's journey to adoption.  I had no idea that Russian adoptions are handled like that!  I was shocked at the cost, the organization of the Russian authorities (or lack thereof) and how long the entire process takes.  I knew adopting a child was a very long and arduous process, but I had no idea just how many steps future parents have to take and how many hoops they have to jump through.  It boggles my mind that it's so hard for good people to adopt a child, but any woman can get pregnant and have a baby, no matter how seemingly unfit of a mother she may be.

The other thing I learned from Mom at Last was how arduous IVF really is.  I always thought of it as daily hormone shots and then getting your eggs harvested at the end of your cycle, then having the fertilized embryos implanted later.  I never realized just how many injections are involved, how painful they are, and what the side effects are.  Sharon went through several IVF cycles and I felt so badly for her.  It is truly a draining process, both emotionally, physically and financially.

The only thing I didn't love about Mom at Last was that it felt didactic at times.  I wanted more emotion and less instruction---but I got tons of emotion at the end of the story.  I was so happy for Sharon to finally become a mother, and for her sons to have a loving, secure home.  I would definitely recommend Mom at Last.  It's a great, powerful read, perfect for Mother's Day!


  1. This really sounds like a wonderful novel to read, Kelli. A woman like this heroine will definitely always make a terrific mother. Thanks for sharing.

  2. We struggled with infertility and when I started investigating the options (and how hard they are both financially, physically, and emotionally) we gave it up. I'm so grateful to God that had something else in store for us. Motherhood is a true blessing.

    What you said about how easy it is for many times unfit people, was always something that bothered me during my times of infertility.

    Great review sugar!

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