Book Review: The Sweet Side of Suffering: Recognizing God's Best When Facing Life's Worst by Esther Lovejoy

Suffering is often a reality people don’t choose. However, they do have a choice in how to respond to it. In The Sweet Side of Suffering, author M. Esther Lovejoy explores the character of God to help readers find a response that sweetens the bitter waters of suffering. This engaging book is written in a narrative voice, sharing biblical truths and practical insights from the author’s personal experiences. Readers can find a message of hope and encouragement as they discover a fresh perspective on strengthening their relationship with God and renewing their confidence in knowing that He is always there.

Release Date: February 1, 2013
Age Group: Adult
Source: NetGalley

Suffering is an unwanted but all-too-real part of life.  I seem to have experienced more of it than I ever thought I would in the past year, with multiple health issues which remain unresolved.  I don't even have a concrete diagnosis for one of my biggest problems.  The fact that I have health problems makes me more sensitive to others' suffering.  I am old before my time, in that regard.  

I saw this book on NetGalley and thought it might help me personally.  I often struggle with wanting to ask God, "why?"  I decided to try to turn things around and start looking at my problems from a different perspective.  And, The Sweet Side of Suffering helped me do that.  

Lovejoy (how could you be unhappy with that kind of name?) gently guides readers into a different way of thinking about their problems.  She offers examples from her own past, and how God used those hard times to strengthen her and her faith.  I love it when authors provide real-life examples!  Those kinds of anecdotes help the reader conceptualize the practical application of theories and advice.  Lovejoy has been through a lot in her own life, and instead of letting her problems harden her, she remained faithful to God and experienced great personal growth.  

Lovejoy includes scripture and the application of those scriptures for daily life.  I loved that about this book.  Her narrative is very gentle, which made me feel like she was trying to help me instead of just telling me what I should be doing differently.  

I loved The Sweet Side of Suffering and would recommend it to anyone.  I have already shared this book with my mom (who has her own health problems) and think it would be very helpful to anyone going through a hard time.  After finishing my digital copy, I went out and bought a hard copy to have on hand, so that I could read back over my favorite passages during times that I need inspiration and encouragement.

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  1. It sounds amazing and I'm so glad you found it helpful. The cover is lovely too.


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