Summer Giveaway with Take 5 & Create

It's finally here, SUMMER! I get a break from the academic duties of raising kids! We will officially enter the routine of: 
  • Don't enter my bedroom before 8:30am telling me you are hungry... fasting is good for you.
  • If you swim all day, it counts as a shower.
  • Lunch time will be labeled fen-for-ya aka fend for yourself.
  • Bring on all the outdoor activities! Outside = Worn Out Children.
  • Library every Monday (our attempt to pretend that we try and keep a little routine).
Here's the deal, I have HIGH OCTANE children. I mean, they burn bright from sun up 'till sun down and that's just how I like it. So, how on earth do I manage to read anything? Well, my peak months of activities are October-December and the month of May... reading is slim. But now that it's summer bring on the audio books! I love to sit outside and have my earphones in and my ipod blasting away with some awesome young adult book (only 5 star books make the cut, Kelli has ruined me). 
My kids really enjoy the summer reading program hosted by our public library. I always designate a certain bag as the book bag. Last year it was I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie, which is still fitting but what woman doesn't want another bag?! So this summer I am going with Jane Austen. Laurie, from Take 5 & Create, has offered to host a giveaway for this cute Jane Austen library bag. And she has added a cute tea cup bird feeder to because she loves to listen to audio books while crafting and watching the birds outside her window. 

So, enter for a chance to win these goodies and get ready for the sunshine to hit you in the face! 
There are several easy ways to enter to win. 
Good Luck and Happy Reading!

Thank you Laurie for hosting this fun giveaway!   

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PS the giveaway entry for Nutrition with Nat is me, SURPRISE! I've been trying to be a good little Nat... I mean dietitian :)


  1. Great little giveaway..I love bags

  2. I don't have ONE Favorite, but I LOVE The Black Dagger Brotherhood, so amazing! those guys are BAD ASS! I also Love the Vincent Brothers series and Fallen series, both by Abbi Glines, they are NA, and I have been on a HUGE NA binge lately! they are beautiful! Love the Morganville Vampire Series, and The Vampire Academy for YA, because they are Awesome! lol. and The Midnight Breed series by Lara Adrian because, like the Brotherhood of the Black Dagger that I mentioned above, the Breed men ARE EPIC AND AMAZING! <3 lol! HAPPY SUMMER READING!!!!

    ***HUGE HUGE HUGE Jane Austen fan here! Pride and Prejudice is my FAVORITE BOOK EVER!!! LOVE me some Darcy! mmm. I have the leatherbound copy from B&N and read it a lot!:D***

  3. Do I comment here? hmmm I would have to go with Teeny the Witch lol

  4. oh and its my favorite because its about a little red headed witch that reminds me alot of myself and my 7 year old ;)

    1. I've read that one! It is cute. :)

  5. Favorite book series and why?

    I'm pretty hooked on Molly Harper's Half Moon Hollow series right now. It's light and snarky audio fun.

    Thanks for the awesome contest.

    *fingers crossed*

    1. Juju! I hear you have become the audio book queen since little Whimsy came along! I will have to download Harper's book, I need something snarky! :0)

  6. Oh wow, I have many but one series I love is the Thoughtless Trilogy by: S.C. Stephens. There are some tough situations but it's written very well.

  7. I am a hockey fan so my favorite series are hockey related romances, Chinooks Hockey Team series by Rachel Gibson and the Assassins series by Toni Aleo.

  8. Thank you ALL for the ideas! Some I've read, some I haven't so I'm excited! I truly appreciate all of your ideas and support. -Laurie

  9. I'm stuck on Jennifer Ashley's Shifters Unbound series lately, and the Russian Protectors series by Roxie Rivera. MMmm awesome reads! :)

  10. It's hard to pick just one series, but the "Chronicles of Narnia" has always been a favorite.

  11. Of course it deleted my post!

    My all time favorite series is "Chronicles of Narnia". thanks for the giveaway!


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