Elena Chose Her Vamp, Now Bring on The Originals!

There are no secrets here, when my kids go to bed the headphones come out. I steal my daughters purple skull candy headphones and plop down in front of my computer to begin my mini marathon of whatever TV series has my interest. Last week I got all caught up on The Vampire Diaries.

Let it be known there are some spoilers in this post.

The season 4 finale was EPIC! I thought it was inevitable that Elena would end up back with Stephan *gross* BUT she made the right decision and chose Damon!!!
And yes I make believe these are real people... moving on. 

Whatever you do dear writers PLEASE just leave that love story alone and choose another tragedy to focus on. I've decided to place a mental block in my mind and tell myself that the show was a wrap and now I'm on to The Originals.

Now, you know as soon as season 5 premiere's I will remove that mental block and be on pins and needles to see where the story goes. Listen, I have a {cold, icy} heart and I do hope that they eventually find Stephan at the bottom of the lake and that there will be an unattainable and interesting love between Jeremy and his dead witch. But seriously, we have seen Elena swing back and forth between these two vamps for 4 seasons... SHE HAS CHOSEN... BAM, done.

What I am interested in is sweet 'ol Caroline and Klaus. I want her to trade teams and end up in New Orleans. Could you imagine the drama of that! The control-freak vampire, who happens to be Klaus' love, comes to town. And then add her finding out that he has impregnated a hybrid (Hayley). >>>Drama Central<<< It would be so much more interesting than the story of her little puppy love in Mystic falls with Tyler. 

I also want to see poor Matt get a chance. That poor guy has got the raw end of the deal every single time. I would hope Rebekah takes care of the pitiful warm blood.

I have no idea where either of these shows are headed but I tell you this I WANT MORE. I just hope The Vampire Diaries doesn't take a turn to crapsville. I don't doubt that The Originals will be a hit its first season. 

Maybe they will do a two-hour special where the two shows merge! Ah, a girl can hope!

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