Weekly Wrap-Up 6.16.13

We're still having a hard time with Kaitlyn's broken leg (read more about it here), but I did get some reading in this week---yay!

I read:

Where the Stars Still Shine by Trish Doller
Asylum by Jenny Miller
A Really Awesome Mess by Trish Cook and Brendan Halpin
Sometimes Never, Sometimes Always by Elisa Janine Hoole
The Truth About Letting Go by Leigh Talbert Moore
Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures by Amber Dusick

And check out this cool graphic author Jason Sandberg made for me, as a thank-you for reading a reviewing his book, Candy and the Cankersaur:

 How was your week?


  1. Oh that's sweet.

    Kaitlyn's healing quick.

  2. I meant to say, I hope Kaitlyn is healing quick. Sorry about that darling. :)


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