You Would Cry Too If It Happened To You!

Kelli and I are moms. 

We have a lot of similarities in personality and lifestyle and a lot of differences. 

  • For instance, Kelli has a very calm and reassuring voice with a pleasant tone. Me on the other hand, well I am LOUD and to the point. 
  • Kelli's house is calm... my house is not. 
  • Kelli's daughter Kaitlyn loves to read (big surprise) and ride in her wagon. My kids wake up and literally eat their breakfast with helmets on and then race to whatever adventure has been cooked up for the day (I blame their father). 

So, when Kelli called to tell me that she had been at the ER with Kaitlyn, my initial thought was virus, breathing difficulty, bump on the head but NOT a broken leg! 
How did this happen? 
Was Kaitlyn attempting the ramps found under my carport or jumping off a swing 15 feet in the air or attempting a back-flip into the pool? Nope, she was simply getting ready for bed and tripped over one of her little people princesses.......... What a FLUKE!  

Clearly, I am the deserving mother of such an injury (and believe me, we've had our share of ER visits in my long 7 years of motherhood), but usually there is a tale to tell. 
But alas, I felt it important to fill-in on the blog and let you know that Kelli is living a wonderful, rested life short-term nightmare. Lucky for all of us, she has about 50 reviews scheduled and waiting to pop-up and you would have never known she was gone... but like I said I'm loud :) So here's to Kelli and her sanity. We wish Kaitlyn and YOU a speedy recovery & may the odds be ever in your favor retail therapy!


  1. Oh no! Poor Kelli. Poor Kaitlyn!

    Thanks for keeping us posted.

    1. Hey JuJu! I think at this point it is more POOR KELLI! Kaitlyn is just frustrated at this point. :/

  2. Oh no. That stinks. Hugs to Kelli! (And Kaitlyn too!)

  3. I wish Kaitlyn a speedy recovery!


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