Book Review: Stand By Your Hitman (Bombay Assassins #3) by Leslie Langtry

Gadget-lover Missi Bombay's newest mission is on the set of reality TV show Survival, but she may not outlast her super-sexy competitor.

Release Date: 2008
Age Group: Adult
Source: Review copy from author

I am really enjoying this series!  The Bombay Assassin books are fun, light-hearted, witty and just all-around good reads.  They remind me of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum books, without the disappointment of a slow-moving or recycled plot which I've experienced with the latest installments in the Stephanie Plum series.

Langtry's writing style reads like a conversation between two friends.  The books are written in a first-person point-of-view, with a lot of internal dialogue from the main character.  I love that because I really get to know the main character.  I loved being in Missi's head and knowing everything she was thinking and feeling.  That girl was all kinds of funny!

The premise of the book is a Survivor-type show, produced by a Canadian network.  Basically, Survival is just a poor man's Survivor.  The host and producers bungle everything, leaving Missi and the other competitors to figure things out for themselves.  In the midst of the reality show competitions and eliminations, is Missi's objective for being there: she needs to identify one of the contestants as an arms dealer and 'take him out.'  The only problem is, Missi likes this guy (as a friend, which has never happened before with one of her hits) as is not convinced of his guilt.  To further complicate things, Missi develops a crush on another contestant, her first romantic attachment since her husband died years ago.

What made this book so great was the writing, the humor, and that it was just a fun read.  The 'bad guy' was a surprise---not at all what I was expecting.  I thought that Missi's relationships with her twin teenage boys was so sweet and well-portrayed.  I liked the slow build of the love story, and the way things wrapped up at the end.  

Stand By Your Hitman is my favorite Bombay Assassins book to date and I can't wait to read more from Leslie Langtry! 

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