Book Review: The Throne of Glass Series Novellas

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Release Date: January-July 2012
Age Group: YA
Source: Purchased

I absolutely loved Throne of Glass and I jumped at the chance to read more from Sarah Mass.  I just found out about these novellas and immediately bought all four of them.  I devoured these books over the course of two days, and I liked them so much that I was inspired to re-read Throne of Glass.  Now I'm fully back in Mass's world and ready for the release of Crown of Midnight (book two).

These novellas were a good length: each took me over an hour to read.  All four combined were about the same length as Throne of Glass itself.  I really enjoyed all four novellas, but my favorite ones were The Assassin and the Desert, and The Assassin and the Empire.  I loved getting to know more about Celeana's history, and the events that shaped her personality.  My favorite part of these novellas was watching Celeana fall in love with Sam.  Sam is only hinted at in Throne of Glass, and so I was always really interested in their history.

One thing that really stuck out for me while I was reading these books was just how spoiled and a little bit selfish Celeana is.  Although this sounds heartless of me, I think going to the salt mines of Endovier taught her some well-needed humility.  There were points that I could not believe the way she acted, and I knew that she was unknowingly setting herself up for a fall.

If you are new to the Throne of Glass series, I would recommend reading the four novellas first, then Throne of Glass.  It's an outstanding fantasy series, and one of my all-time favorites!


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