Book Review: Lying to Meet You by Anna Garner

Does being in a relationship make you a hot commodity in the eyes of would-be suitors?

Chloe Lane is about to find out. When her childhood pal, Ethan Webster, asks her to play the part of his girlfriend in order to test this theory, she reluctantly agrees. As a work-crazed fashion designer, boutique owner and soon-to-be reality show judge, Chloe has no time for a real boyfriend, but being part of a faux pair will do just fine. Not that she has any intention of trying to attract someone else.


Opportunity unexpectedly knocks when Chloe meets fellow reality judge, William Shannon. Super successful and super sexy, this tech whiz entrepreneur inspires Chloe to test Ethan’s theory herself. Now, on top of keeping her fashion business productive, carving out a new role as a television personality, maintaining a fake relationship and attempting to lay the groundwork for a future relationship, she’s lying to William, lying to her friends, lying to her family and quite possibly lying to herself. Will Chloe be able to keep it all together, or are things about to explode?
Release Date: September 5, 2013
Age Group: Adult
Source: Review copy from author

I loved everything about this fun, quirky read.  Lying to Meet You is smart, sassy chick lit.  I read it during a time of illness and it provided the perfect escape from my problems.  

Chloe's voice and spunky personality made Lying to Meet You so much fun to read.  I love it when main characters know what they want and pursue it without distraction.  Chloe has nerve and gumption, and is not afraid to go after her dreams.  I loved her interactions with her friends (it's so nice to see healthy relationships between friends portrayed in a novel) and with William Shannon.  I thought it was cute how Chloe referred to William as William Shannon in her internal dialogue.  She is in awe of his good looks, charm and fame, and sort of holds him on a pedestal.  But only up to a certain point.  The flirtation between Chloe and William was a lot of fun.  Watching Chloe her make her decision about a relationship with him was very gratifying.  I loved the way she informed him of her decision, it really made me smile.

Chloe designs and sews clothes, and runs a boutique.  I loved that aspect of the story, because it provided a glimpse into the fashion world, which interests me.  I enjoy reading about creative people, and that part of the story was really fun for me.  

The premise of being in a relationship making someone more attractive to other people was interesting. I could see the merit of the idea (even based on reflection of my own dating life, long ago).  I liked that Chloe and Ethan were childhood friends and had a positive, long-standing relationship.  I liked how honest and easy their friendship was---well they were honest with each other, but lied to everyone else, saying they were dating when they really weren't.  I liked that the book took place over several months, which provided ample time for character growth and change.  

I would recommend Lying to Meet You to fans of chick lit and contemporary fiction.  It reminded me of Sophie Kinsella and Emily Giffin's writing.  Except I enjoyed it even more than the books I've read from both of those authors!   I often feel like Kinsella's books lack depth and Giffin's books lack intensity.  Lying to Meet You gave me everything I wanted and more.  It was just deep enough, the love story was intense, and the minor characters were very well-developed.  

My one thought after finishing Lying to Meet You was that it was such a fun book to read and lose myself in.  I can't think of one thing I'd change about Lying to Meet You.  I loved everything about it and highly recommend it!

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