Book Review: One Breath by Suzanne Cummings

Chloe’s life should have been perfect; rich parents, all star brother and gorgeous boyfriend but in the end none of it really matters.
When she looks in the mirror after the life she was fighting for falls apart, Chloe is just a shadow of herself. Feeling like the last piece of her is slipping away, she decides to do the only thing she can...she grabs her camera and she runs.
Years later she is still pulling herself together, trying to fulfill the promises she had made to make her life her own. When she meets a guy that fits perfectly in her new life, she starts to allow herself to be happy. She finally finds herself surrounded by people that love and support her for who she really is and not who she pretends to be.
But just when she lets herself breathe, her past creeps in and shatters her all over again. Drowning in guilt and loneliness, will Chloe ever truly believe that she deserves the life that she wants? Will she be able to finally find the strength that she has always needed to stand up and fight or will she let her past dictate her future?
Breathe Chloe, just one breath.

Release Date: July 26, 2013
Age Group: New Adult
Source: Review copy from author

I love contemporary fiction, especially new adult contemporary fiction, and One Breath is a perfect example of why I keep coming back to this genre.  I love the satisfaction of a stand-alone novel, and I enjoy reading about easily-related-to characters in real-life situations (as opposed to suspending reality for a fantasy novel).

I liked Chloe right from the start.  I really felt for her pain over her broken relationship, and I identified with her inner dialogue.  The fact that Suzanne Cummings keeps the details of Chloe's past a secret for much of the book was intriguing.  Chloe's history was told in flashbacks, and as the story progressed, it was easy to see how the past events shaped Chloe's character and views on relationships.

One Breath had a great emphasis on friendships between women, something that is often missing in contemporary fiction.  I liked that the whole book wasn't focused entirely on Chloe's love life.  Although I did really enjoy the appeal of both of Chloe's love interests.  I am a sucker for love triangles, and Cummings used the love triangle premise to a great advantage.  I truly had no idea what Chloe was going to do as far as deciding between the two men.  I knew who I liked, but both guys had their own appealing qualities.   And there was great chemistry between Chloe and both guys. 

Chloe is a photographer and subsequently, there was an emphasis on the creative side of her personality.  The inclusion of her professional life as a photographer added depth and interest to her character. 

I really enjoyed Cummings' writing style and pacing. The story flowed well, and the writing was just emotional enough to feel deep but not too heavy.  There were a few cliches, but they didn't keep me from really enjoying the story.  

I would recommend this book to fans of new adult fiction, and contemporary fiction.  One Breath is a great read and I look forward to reading more from Suzanne Cummings!    


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