Mini Reviews: Just One Year, UnSouled, Allegiant

Just One Year (Just One Day #2) by Gayle Forman:

Just One Day was a great read, and I have been looking forward to its sequel for a year now.  I was so excited to read Just One Year, even though it's told from Willem's perspective and a male POV is not my favorite thing.  Forman excells at writing emotion, and she does not disappoint with Just One Year.  I enjoyed getting to know Willem better, even though I did not agree with many of his choices, it was good to really delve into his character.  What I didn't like is that the book ended at the same point in time that Just One Day ended.  What the heck, Gayle Forman?!  So we spent an entire book going over everything that happened to Willem after his one day with Allison...and the book ends with their second meeting...just as book one ended with their second meeting?!  So I'm really not any more sure of their future than I was after reading book one.  Will there be a sequel?  Will I get some closure or clues as to their happily ever after?  I sure hope so.  I liked the book but was so disappointed in the ending.  Rating: 3.5/5 stars

UnSouled (Unwind #3) by Neal Shusterman:

After finishing UnSouled, I had chills.  It was that good!  This series is everything that is exciting, thrilling, and terrifyingly plausible.  Neal Shusterman continually surprises me with his intricate plots, which are full of twist that I never see coming.  I loved that many of the characters from the first two books in the series are back in UnSouled.  There was a lot going on, but it all connected to make for a powerful conclusion.  I simply cannot wait to get my hands on the fourth, and final book in this outstanding series!  If you haven't tried the Unwind series, you're missing out.  Very highly recommended!  Rating: 5/5 stars, Stalker Worthy

Allegiant (Divergent #3) by Veronica Roth
I've liked the Divergent series from the beginning, but I've never been wowed by it like so many others have been.  I think it's because the books feel slow to me and I never identified well with Tris.  This series has been entertaining, but I haven't been on pins and needles between books (like I am when I'm in love with a series).  I liked the way the story concluded in Allegiant and I really enjoy Roth's imagery.  Her writing is good and once the books get going they are good reads.  It's just hard for me to go halfway through a book feeling like not a lot is going on.  One thing I admire in a writer is when they take risks with their plots, especially being unafraid to kill off characters.  And that's exactly what happened in Allegiant: people die, people you aren't expecting to, and it was pretty shocking.  All in all, I liked Allegiant and would recommend it--and the series--but it wasn't a favorite of mine.  Rating: 3.5/5 stars



  1. I agree with you on Just one year ...I had high hopes too and agree with you on Allegiant too.

    1. Yes, my hopes were's not that Just One Year was a BAD book, it's just that it did not move the story along any!

  2. +JMJ+

    Neal Shusterman is one of my favourite authors, and I actually clicked over because I saw your post about wanting to be rewound. But since I haven't got to the Unwind series yet, I had to skip the rest of your post for fear of spoilers. I'm going to start reading when the final book is out, so that I don't have to deal with cliffhanger endings.

    Speaking of series which are finally complete . . . How would you compare Allegiant to Mockingjay, and The Hunger Games as a whole to the Divergent series?

    1. Yeah, there are no blatant spoilers but it's probably best to wait until you've read the series. I've been a fan since the beginning and waiting for the next release is torture.

      Well, I think Allegiant was better than Mockingjay. I liked that Roth did not make the ending as desolate as Mockingjay's. I guess what I mean is that I felt totally sad and depressed after finishing Mockingjay, but I didn't feel that way after Allegiant. As far as comparisons between the two series, The Hunger Games wins hands-down for me, solely on the merit of the first two books. The Divergent series was good but not a stand-out series for me personally. I know I'm in the minority there but on the whole I thought the series was slow and dull at times.


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