Year in Review: 2013

Happy New Year! We hope that 2014 is full of everything good and happy for you!

2013 was an exciting year for us here at I'd So Rather Be Reading.  In September, we got a new guest reviewer, Madi B; in November, Kelli was quoted on the back cover of a book, and there were so many excellent books that came out this year.  Although Natalie knows this only by what I've told her...she stays so busy with her two jobs and her kids that she hardly has time to read!
Our year by the numbers:

Books read in 2013:
Kelli:  215
Madi: Madi didn't keep track of how many books she read this year but estimates that since she joined us here at ISRBR she reads two books a day, five days a week---so that's 10 books per week, on average. Wow!  GO, MADI!
Nat: Nat didn't keep track of her books read this year, either, but I'm guessing it's about five--based on what she tells me.  She reads the most exciting, stalker-worthy books only!
Book Reviews posted: 180
What do you think?  Are we posting too many reviews?  I like it when bloggers post daily or every other day.  But, posting several reviews a week may feel overwhelming.  Opinions, please.  :)

If you're interested, here is our year-in-review, by the month:

How was your 2013?


  1. Great numbers. Mine was low but then it usually is. I'm a slow digester these days.

  2. Great stats! I met my goal of 50 and upped it to 75 but didn't quite make it in time. I set it for 100 this year and hope that I make it.

    To answer your question about number of reviews, I'm not hard to please. Daily, every other day, once a week...whatever works best for the blogger. I always bookmark them to read for later when I have more time or when I've read the book so it's not an issue for me.

  3. You read a lot Kelli! I think 180 reviews for the year is a good number.

  4. lololololol why did we post an actual number for me! I am a BOOK SNOB! I only read Stalker Worthy books:) #proudsnob #kellicreatedme

  5. Awesome stats!
    I look forward to your reviews this year :)


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