Book to Movie Review: Vampire Academy [Blood Sisters]

It is no secret that Kelli and I were less than thrilled about the release of Vampire Academy. The trailer that was released back in December made it appear that the film was going to have a slap-stick feel. Apparently we were not the only ones that felt this way, Richelle Mead blogged about our concerns and reassured that the movie was going to be true to our beloved series.
They look at the teaser and other promo materials and say, "It makes VA look like Mean Girls! VA's not a comedy! This looks like a high school movie!" 
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But, I was not going to be detoured from a chance to see a visual of Dimitri Belkov in the flesh! I went opening night and got there 45 minutes early because I wanted a good seat... there were 5 people in the theater. That's when I realized that this series didn't have near the fan-base as other YA adaptations. #sad 

So, the big question: WHAT DID I THINK?! 

Well, I can best describe it like Twilight-- don't get all hot and bothered until I explain. I LOVE the Vampire Academy series, it's in my top 3 all time faves list. For that reason I knew I would be a little biased towards the movie- biased in a good way, just like I was with Twilight. VA and Twilight both had a low-budget feel because they were not big blockbusters BUT (like Twilight) there is great potential for the movies that follow. 

Overall, I liked the movie! 
I do think that it will be hard for people to follow if they haven't read the series. But what do you expect! If you haven't read the books, don't expect an epic experience, movie adaptations can only do so much. 

I was so suprised at how well some of these characters fit right into how I imagined them. Mason, Rose and Christian were the winners! They were just perfect! 

Hello boobs, it was the big busted Rose kicking butt! I enjoyed her snarkiness and confidence. And we can't have a review without mentioning THE CHARM SPELL. #holycharmspell #thankyou

Mason was such the good guy. #alwaysthebridesmaid 

Christian did it all! He was creepy, caring, romantic, a lunatic fire starter and ultimately a friend to Rose. 

I wasn't sold on Dimitri until I heard him say it! You know what I'm talking about... "Oh Roza, my Roza" #swoon #died #perfect #hewon Then I remembered that when I was reading VA that was the moment that we all actually fell in love with Dimitri Belkov. The Russian accent sealed the deal! has a fun review of the movie and characters. Visit HERE for a great breakdown.

Well played Hollywood!
If you watched the film and were feeling a little EH, Hollywood stuck it to us in the last scene! Those Strigoi looked so freaking creepy! #scary #strigoi 

I really hope this movie meets the level of success it needs to move forward with the next installment. We need to support this film! If we don't we will never get to see the Rose and Dimitri drama unfold and I want to see him as a Strigoi! #reallybad The success of the film will affect the quality of the future films (remeber Twilight). More hype-->more money---> MORE DIMITRI aaannnnddd ADRIAN. Lets not forget we haven't even seen him yet! After reading The Fiery Heart, the world will be a sad place if Adrian Ivashkov doesn't make the big screen!!!!!


  1. I've been very skeptical about this movie. The trailer looked horrific and it got awful reviews, but I've been hearing surprisingly good things from fans of the books. I think I'll have to try it.

  2. Of course you do! If you have read the book, you really should see the movie-even if its just to see whether your imagination has matched the cast of the movie and if you haven't read the series- what are you waiting for?!

  3. Of course you do! If you have read the series then you should watch the movie even if it's just to see whether the characters you imagined match the cast of the movie and if you haven't read the series- Duh! what are you waiting for?! Go grab its first book ;)

  4. Yeah. The movie wasn't all the great. I prefer the book to the book but im confused cause I wanted to see it again and in a way I liked the movie but at the same time I was disappointed by it. The characters were great well . . . Rose, Mason, Lissa and Christian. They were greatm but Dimiti well I love him now but I had to warm up to him ... his character grew on me and now im in love with Danila. Of course I loved Dimitri in the book :)

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