Mini Reviews: Fractured Innocence, Love Like the Movies, Broken World

I adored book one in the IFCIS series, Freak of Nature.  (Read my review here).  Fractured Innocence focuses on Kaitlyn's first mission as an IFCIS operative.  It wasn't quite as consuming as book one, until I got invested in Aaliyah's story.  Once I got about 20% into Fractured Innocence, there was no WAY I was putting this book down!  I loved the alternating POVs, and enjoyed seeing Kaitlyn in action---not just in training.  Kaitlyn is definitely softening up and embracing her emotions, which was sweet to read about.  I love Kaitlyn and Lucas' relationship.  One word of warning: this series is recommended for 17 and up, due to the topic of this novel: human trafficking.  Crane kept things pretty tame but the subject matter is definitely disturbing (as it should be).  My one complaint about this book is there wasn't as much closure as I was hoping for.  I'm definitely going to be buying and reading book three.  This series is smart, fast-paced, and unique.  Rating: 4.5 stars.  

Love Like the Movies by Victoria Van Tiem.
I read Nicole Knepper's review of Love Like the Movies on her blog, Moms Who Drink and Swear (which, by the way, is both side-splittingly funny and also heartfelt) and knew immediately that I had to buy and read this book.  Love Like the Movies is about a woman, Kensington, who adores romantic comedies.  She knows all the classics line-for- line (such as Sleepless in Seattle, Say Anything, You've Got Mail, etc) and dreams of being in passionate, crazy, impulsive love, the kind of love like in the movies.  Kensington is engaged to Bradley, happily, or so she thinks, until her ex, Shane shows up.  Shane and Kensi embark on a quest to live out ten great movie moments (unbelievably, Kensi does this for her job) and in the process, Kensi becomes torn between the two men.  What I loved about this book was the humor, the romance, and of course, all the movie references.  I love romantic comedies as well, and to read about a fellow aficionado living out the best movie moments, well, that was just pure fun!  A notable fact is that Love Like the Movies is an adult book but does not have any bedroom scenes, only one reference.  I liked that Van Tiem keeps this a clean read---it just added to the sweetness and lightness of the entire story.  I read this book in a day and I was sad when it ended.  It was just fun, pure and simple!  Rating: 5 stars.

Broken World (Broken Beauty Novellas #2) by Chloe Adams.
I really loved Broken Beauty, the first novella in this series; enough to buy book two.  I enjoyed Broken World but it felt transitional to me, and lacked the can't-possibly-put-this-down intensity of book one.  I think that this series is powerful and very well-written.  I admire Adams for addressing the subject of rape, and most importantly its aftermath.  I'm definitely going to keep reading this series.  Rating: 4 stars.



  1. I'm reading Love Like the Movies right now actually. I loveeeeee it.

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