Book Review: Here Without You (Between the Lines #4) by Tammara Webber

Everyone has secrets.
Some are buried so deep, their existence is forgotten.
But a secret never told can turn into a lie.
And in love, a lie is one thing:

Reid's in love with Dori, though she hasn't told her parents that she's fallen hard for the guy they'd forbidden her to see. Now she's leaving for college, and Reid's promise not to push her to go public is wearing thin, especially when she can't - or won't - return those three important words he wants to hear.

Five years ago, Brooke and Reid were a Thing. That relationship is long gone, detonated amid allegations of cheating - but they still share a secret that would stun everyone they know and alter public perception of them both if it ever comes out. And it's about to do just that.

Release Date: August 6, 2013
Age Group: New Adult
Source: Purchased

I've loved every second of Tammara Webber's Between the Lines series and Here Without You was no exception.  In fact, it was my favorite book out of the entire series.

I did not like Reid at all in the first two books, but I grew to love him in book three.  I loved he and Dori's relationship and how sweet they are together.  I really enjoyed the fact that Dori has the upper hand a lot of the time with Reid: he's not always as sure of her feelings, and she keeps things to herself.  I liked that Dori is no pushover and is good at standing up for herself and speaking her mind.

What made Here Without You so special to me was the emphasis on parenthood.  I love reading about parents, now that I'm a parent.  I was so happy with how that story arc ended and I thought it provided a great deal of character growth for all of the main characters.

I have always had a love-hate relationship with Brooke, but those feelings changed to a grudging acceptance and even admiration for her character.  Seeing her change throughout the series really made me like her more.  I hope that she gets her own series, it's time for her to have her own happily-ever-after.  

The Between the Lines series could be split into two parts: the first two books are about Emma and Graham (and they make short appearances only in the last two books) and books three and four are about Dori and Reid.  I like that about this series, it kept things from getting too repetitive.  

I really can't say enough good things about Tammara Webber.  I've read everything she's written, and I have loved every word of it.  If you like contemporary fiction, I highly recommend this series!

This entire series was so dang good! I thought I was in love with Emma & Graham's story until I met Dori! I completely agree with Kelli in every way. Webber is brilliant and I can't believe it's over! WHY? We NEED more, we Want more and we will BUY more! So, Tammara get back to that computer and give us more... more Reid & Dori, more Brooke and more little river. Oh little river, he definitely pulled on my mommy heart strings.

Heck, I'll take more of anything that is Young Hollywood, New Adult and written by the hand of Tammara Webber! ~Nat


  1. I haven't heard of this series, but this book looks wonderful!

  2. I adore this series too and loved the growth shown in all the characters :) I adore the author :)

    1. Wasn't it awesome!! Tammara Webber can really twist and turn your emotions!


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