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We are happy to host a stop on the blog tour for Home Sweet Anywhere by Lynne Martin.  Keep reading for a summary of Home Sweet Anywhere, an exclusive excerpt, and the book trailer.  Home Sweet Anywhere launches on April 15, 2014.

An enchanting account of how one couple sold everything to fulfill a dream of living abroad—one country at a time
Reunited in love after 35 years and suffering from a serious case of preretirement wanderlust, Lynne and Tim Martin made a life-altering decision: they sold their house and possessions and hit the road to live internationally full-time. Now tethered to nothing but their suitcases, each other, and their next exotic location, they’ve never looked back. From sky-high pyramids in Mexico to monkeys in Marrakech, this delightful, inspiring memoir is a romantic tale of derring-do for grown-ups and a road map for anyone who dreams of turning the idea of life abroad into a reality.
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The cold winds and icy rain of the Cliffs of Mohar did not help a nasty little cold that had started to overtake me when we arrived in Ireland. It increased in intensity as we worked our way down the Irish coast. Tim booked a room at The Lodge, a charming B & B near the center of Kenmare, in County Kerry. The owner, Rosemary Quinn, an attractive young woman whose family lived in a large wing of the lovingly maintained old building, greeted us and showed us to our comfortable room. I snuffled and coughed, feeling miserable. “You’ll be needing a little help with that cold. Have a seat and I’ll be back in a minute with just the thing,” she said.
I felt so rotten that I obeyed and watched while Tim unpacked our essentials. Soon, Rosemary returned with a small silver tray. I knew immediately what she had in mind: a pot of hot water, a plate with a slice of clove-studded lemon, and a flowered china bowl holding dainty silver tongs and sugar cubes sat on the tray. The business end of this graceful presentation contained a man-size tumbler with a big slug of Jameson’s Irish Whiskey! She quickly combined two sugar cubes, the lemon slice with cloves, and the whiskey, and poured in hot water to the brim. “This will fix you right up,” she said. “You’ve lived in Ireland, so surely you’re familiar with good old fashioned hot whiskey! Slainté.” She handed me the potion.
I certainly remembered that Ireland’s wild, wet weather made frequent stops for a hot whiskey a necessary part of any walking expedition. A pub was never hard to find. I’m not so sure about the concoction’s actual curative powers, but once the Jameson’s hit its target, I didn’t really care that I was sick. The Irish cure for cold weather and sniffles is much more fun than Nyquil.




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