It's Official: We are in LOVE with Frozen!

Kaitlyn just turned three, and has yet to show an interest in Disney movies (much to my disappointment!).  Up until now, all she wants to watch is Dora the Explorer, Curious George and the Backyardigans.  All of those are great shows, but I'd looked forward to watching Disney movies with her and thought she'd be into them by this age.
On a whim, we watched Frozen, wanting to know what all the fuss was about.  To my surprise, she fell completely in love with the music, characters, and storyline.  Since buying Frozen, we've watched it at least once a day, and she sings along with the songs and says some of the dialogue along with Elsa and Anna. 
What I love about Frozen is that it's different from the usual Disney princess theme.  Elsa and Anna don't end up with princes, instead, they reunite as sisters and best friends.  True love saves Anna---her sister's love, not the love of a prince.  I love that!
Now that we are thoroughly infected with the Frozen fever, my new mission is to find Elsa and Anna dolls for Kaitlyn.  Which is a feat easier said than done---they are sold out everywhere and are going for ridiculous prices online!
Have you watched Frozen yet?  What do you think of it?

It almost takes a disaster to occur (like an ice storm, flooding, illness with an extremely high fever or hordes of mosquitoes) to get my kids to sit down and watch a full-length animated film. Frozen was a WINNER! My daughter (8) loved it but to my surprise, my boys (5 & 2) were totally obsessed. I think this craze is two-fold. 1.) The storyline has such a great message about true love, and uniquely the love of siblings. 2.) THE MUSIC. Oh.My.Gosh. YES, WE WILL BUILD A SNOWMAN! AND YES, I WILL LET IT ALL GO! We have downloaded the music, danced like crazies all through the house and blasted it in the car for all to hear. 

Our plea, make Frozen 2! We need more family friendly films (sounds like a catchy #hashtag #familyfriendlyfilms or #FFF) & we need another dang soundtrack!


  1. We love it too! We've only seen it once but my daughter will belt out "Let it Go" at whim. The message is so fantastic. I love that sure she finds love but the important message is about family and sisterhood. Hooray Disney!

  2. Our family loves Frozen as well. It's a really good film that sends a wonderful message. We watch the movie quite often, as well as play the songs. I hope they make a sequel.


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