Series Review: Veronica Mars

I have always loved to watch Kristen Bell movies, even her latest animated film Frozen was a hit for me! I'll play the hip card here and say she is my #wcw for this week along with millions of other little girls (who probably refer to her as Anna).

So, I ask myself HOW IN THE WORLD had I not watched her hit series Veronica Mars! I mean I am freaking years behind and the only reason I heard about it was because of the Veronica Mars Movie that was released last month. And why would a series that ended almost 10 years ago all of the sudden have a movie? Because the fans were so into the series that they donated over $5 million big ones to bring the gang back together (watch here). It sounded like something crazy Twi-hards might do, that's when I decided I was in. And I mean IN...

I went on the networking hunt and found all three seasons on my Amazon Prime. I burned through those episodes like I was preparing for a freaking marathon! By day I watched and wore my headphones, starved my children, neglected the laundry and gave the stink eye if anyone needed my attention. By night I put my kids (and husband) to bed by 7 and started streaming these babies on the big screen! (The same habits I display when I am into a really good book series, why should this be any different.)#inittowinit #allornothing #thatshowweroll

I knew it was all over right from the beginning, no rest for the addicted. Veronica Mars starts out as a modern day Nancy Drew set in high school with the bonus of all her own personal drama wrapped up in the snarky and witty Kristen Bell! #sweetlove 
Mars is the YA version of Nancy Drew in the first two seasons. She is a master at sleuthing but her real life drama carried all the details that we crave in our YA books, including boy drama. #yesplease *Que in the banter #whatteamareyou #Logan #always

The third season moves Veronica Mars into college life and it has more of a New Adult theme to it, which I LOVE because I am totally in love with the New Adult genre that is emerging.

In general this series definitely has appeal for readers who love YA and New Adult lit. Not to mention, there are plenty of woman out there that loved Nancy Drew as a kid and at some point asked for a magnifying glass (don't lie, it's right along with the Babysitters Club, Sweet Valley High and New Kids on the Block #iwentthere).

Now, I am ready to watch the Veronica Mars Movie! I have already looked up as many spoilers as I could find because I was so worried about the boy situation... DANG YOU ROB THOMAS (not the singer, the writer of the series). Do I seriously need to do a Pro vs. Con list? The phrase nice guys finish last comes to mind on how I would dump Veronica's latest beau.

I've read rumors that Veronica Mars may come back as a Netflix or Amazon exclusive series and I say BRING IT! Set up another kickstarter account and I will donate my money in the name of a Logan and Veronica reuniting :) Don't fail me Mr. Thomas. 

Until next time Marshmallows!

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  1. Replies
    1. Watch out! Once you start you can't stop!

  2. I looooooooooooooooooooooooved this show. I can't believe I haven't watch the movie yet really.

    SO glad you discovered it.

    1. The movie was soooo freaking good! It accounts for the 9 year break and everything! I loved how the characters were still the same but had changed by time.

  3. I recently watched the first season of VM and it was addicting. I like how she has a new mystery to solve each episode while there's a major story arc being solved bit by bit during the entire season. But the season one finale was a little too over the top. I stopped my marathon watching but I'll probably watch seasons 2 and 3 sometime. Then maybe I'll watch the movie. We'll see.


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