Book Review and Blog Tour: Miss Darcy Decides (Love at Pemberly #2) by Reina M. Williams

Miss Darcy Decides is a light, sweet Pride and Prejudice novella, book two in the Love at Pemberley series.

While visiting a young woman—who was not so fortunate as Miss Georgiana Darcy in escaping the persuasions of a rogue—Georgiana meets Sir Camden Sutton, whose reputation causes Georgiana to wonder as to his motives. Her wondering soon turns to a different feeling when Sir Camden comes to stay at Pemberley, showing himself to be a very different man than was rumored. While Sir Camden struggles with his past and his commitment to his future, as well as the ill intentions of haughty Caroline Bingley, Miss Darcy must decide whether to listen to others, or the words written on her heart.

Release Date: January 22, 2014
Age Group: "Sweet" Romance, appropriate for all ages
Source: Review copy from publisher
Reviewed By: Kelli
I have loved Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice for as long as I can remember: the book, the movie adaptations, and the Pride and Prejudice-like novels.  I simply adore everything about this period in time: the clothes, the language, the formality, the elegance of it all.  So, I was all set to fall in love with Miss Darcy Decides, and love it I did.

I always wondered what became of Georgiana Darcy, since Austen doesn't provide much closure to her story.  She remains at Pemberley with Mr. Darcy and Lizzy, beloved by both, but I wanted her to find her own love and happiness, separate from her brother's.  Miss Darcy Decides gave me exactly what I was wanting in that regard: Georgiana is the star of this book, and the novella is about Georgiana finding her true love.  *happy sigh*

Georgiana is the narrator in Miss Darcy Decides, and that was perfect because it allowed me a glimpse into her thoughts, which was imperative with this story being only 77 pages (77 great pages!).  I liked getting to know Georgiana better, and really admired her character, intuition, and resolve to do the right thing. 

Georgiana has a troublesome past, having her tender heart swayed by the dastardly fortune-hunting Mr. Wickham, and is leery of trusting another man with her heart.  She resolves to listen to her brother's opinion about men, since he warned her about Mr. Wickham and she didn't heed his warnings until it was almost too late.  So, Georgiana wishes for companionship and love but is afraid to put her trust in another man. The crux of the story was Georgiana's decision to let her defenses down and allow herself to fall in love.  And falling in love is such a fun and sweet thing to read about. 

Miss Darcy Decides is a "sweet romance" with nothing more than a kiss between characters.  I like that this book is chaste, because it's fitting for the time period, and matches the level of intimacy detailed in Austen's work.  I would recommend this book for adults and young adults alike.

What really stood out for me with Miss Darcy Decides was exactly how much this book felt like one of Jane Austen's novels.  The dialogue, descriptive prose, pacing and language were all so in sync with the original Pride and Prejudice.  I loved that, and that fact alone is leading me to read the rest of the Love at Pemberley series. 

If you're an Austen fan, or if you simply like historical fiction with a sweet love story, I highly recommend Miss Darcy Decides!

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  1. I think I figured Georgina would find someone sweet and kind eventually. But now I know this book is out there to fill in the blanks. Yay for follow ups to P&P! Great review.


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