Book Review: The Same Sweet Girls' Guide to Life: Advice from a Failed Southern Belle by Cassandra King

Written with a blend of humor and practical wisdom, The Same Sweet Girl’s Guide to Life by Cassandra King offers inspiration and solid advice to new graduates that can sustain them through life’s inevitable ups and downs.  In this small book you will find advice that will only grow in meaning throughout the years. It can - and should - be read again and again, by thoughtful people of all ages.

King’s true gift is in her ability to present readers with the sort of hard-earned wisdom that will help both young and old find sustenance and renewed meaning in their lives.

Her first pearl of wisdom: sincerity is an important virtue, and once you learn to fake it, you are well on your way to success! Dare to laugh at yourself.  Find kindred spirits and keep them close to you; expand your circle of friends. Know the true value of time. She also advises that we try to find words to express love and gratitude but to keep in mind that it is our actions that reveal our feelings more than our words.

And as an addition to this lecture, which was delivered to a graduating class at her alma mater, Montevallo College, King adds a new afterword on the value of becoming a lifelong reader.
Release Date: May 1, 2014
Age Group: All ages
Source: Review copy from publisher
Reviewed By: Kelli
The Same Sweet Girls' Guide to Life is a short and delightful read, based on the author's commencement speech to college graduates.  Adapting a speech meant for new graduates into a book is such a great idea---especially when the advice is as practical and the delivery is as charming as Cassandra King's.  Even though it's been over ten years, I still remember how incomparably dull the speakers were at my college graduations (I had two since I obtained a Master's Degree).  I wish those speakers would have had just a tenth of the level-headedness, wit, and conversational delivery that King portrays in this book!
But The Same Sweet Girls' Guide to Life is not just for graduates.  No, this book contains quintessential life lessons that apply to every age.  I can see The Same Sweet Girls' Guide to Life being given to brides, new mothers, grandmothers, and even girls celebrating their sweet sixteen birthdays.  The list of essential life lessons is direct and encompasses wisdom that usually only comes with age. 
The Same Sweet Girls' Guide to Life was a relevant book for me at this stage in my life---having left my career to become a stay-at-home-mother.  The advice within was a good reminder to me about what's really important, delivered in an entertaining and elegant way.  This book has a light and playful feel to it: there are illustrations throughout, as well as different fonts used to make each page pleasing to the eye.  The Same Sweet Girls' Guide to Life made me smile while I was reading and breathe a contented sigh of "so true" when I finished.  I'd recommend it to women of all ages!


  1. Sounds really good. I think I saw this one at the bookstore yesterday.

    Happy Mothers Day!!

  2. I've never heard of this, but it looks cute!


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