Book to Movie Review: Divergent

OH MY Mr. Pamuk Tobias Mr. Eaton FOUR 
Mr. Theo James

I will admit right now that Four was easy on the eyes and I enjoyed the movie but that's about it. It was good and then I moved on... I'm not really sure anything was missing, it was just me. The movie followed the book, the film's visual was fantastic and I liked the casting! So many of my friends raved about the Divergent series and told me they couldn't believe I hadn't read it... and on and on. 

So naturally, I bought the books and was excited to read the series before the release of the film. I started book one and later called Kelli (#mistake), I should have consulted my better reading half PRIOR to starting the flipping book... I read the Divergent series in record time, 4 days. Laundry was abandoned, lunches forgotten and minimal communication with the my family all for it to end in a big, fat epic FAIL! I hated the way this series ended (darn you, Veronica Roth) and because of my utter meltdown at the close of the series, I lost total excitement for the movie. In hindsight I wish I had read only the first book and then watched the movie.

Typically I wouldn't have written a review if I wasn't over the top crazy about the film but there is something that really has my tail bushy (besides how the series ended!). Like I said before, I liked the casting, but to be more specific to the problem at hand, I liked Caleb and really bought into the sibling dynamic of he and Tris. BUT now we are suppose to flip gears and look at the two of them as young and in love WITH EACH OTHER. #canthandleit 

Fast forward to the adaptation of John Green's The Fault in Our Stars. This wouldn't have stuck out or even caught my attention if these two films weren't being released within 3 months of each other! It just seems awkward. 

Of course I am still planning to watch The Fault in Our Stars in June, if I didn't I think Madi B would cause a revolt! She is a John Green fanatic and because of that, we will leave it up to her to do the movie review. What I am hoping is that I will watch TFIOS and completely forget that either of them were in Divergent!  

Am I the only person this warped to worry about movie casting?
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