Children's Book Review: Baby Julia Feeds the Moon by Jason Sandberg

In a small house, on a small hill, there lives a small baby with a big heart. Her name is Julia and when she discovers that the moon is hungry she's determined to help! This lovingly crafted bedtime story is filled with twinkling stars and pixie wings.
Release Date: January 14, 2014
Age Group: Children's
Source: Review copy from author
Reviewed By: Kelli
I love children's literature, and given my daughter's love for picture books, Baby Julia Feeds the Moon was a perfect fit for us at this time in her reading journey. 

Kaitlyn and I read this story together, and she really enjoyed it.  As a three year-old who is long weaned from a bottle, she got a kick out of the fact that baby Julia feeds the moon with a baby bottle.  She enjoyed the story, and especially the faces: the moon's many expressions and Julia's sweet face as well.  The fact that she liked Julia's face so much tickled me, as that was the only thing I didn't love about this book---I felt like the contours of Julia's face were too exaggerated.  However, that's my opinion and Kaitlyn clearly superseded me on this one: she talked the entire book about how cute Julia was.

I've read all of Jason Sandberg's books now (Candy and the Cankersaur, The New Crown and Doodled Doggy) and what stands out for me in his writing are his illustrations and the whimsical feel of his books.  These books aren't your typical picture books, and I love the their uniqueness.  I always feel like I'm going back in time when I'm reading one of Sandberg's books, like I'm revisiting my own childhood. 

If you're new to Jason Sandberg, I highly recommend his books!  They are affordable digital books that are sure to be favorites.


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