It Finally Happened, Junie B. Jones Saved The Day!

Junie B. Jones by Barbara Park
The other night I heard my daughter just talking away in her room to "someone" and I assumed it was her brother. I found this odd because 1.) they only go into their rooms to sleep and 2.) I didn't hear any bickering or plans of deadly destruction. About 20 minutes later I realized that my boys had been playing outside. So who was Kendra talking to? Because I'm a weirdo, there was a brief flash of all the weird Criminal Minds, CSI, and Bones episodes that I've watched where some weird freak has managed to sneak into a kids room... Then I quickly opened the door to find her giggling and reading Junie B. Jones! 

I played it cool, for fear of making my excitement over her reading a book might cause her to stop. 

A few days later and 3 Junie B. books under her belt and IT happened! She came to me and said, 
"So mom, after I finish reading all the Junie B. Jones books, what should I read next?" #heartstopped #playitcool

These are the thoughts that crossed my mind in the 3 seconds preceding my response:
  • YES! I might be doing something right!
  • She inherited the all or nothing book gene. She was already planning to read everything in the series before moving on. #inittowinit #addict
  • She was actually asking my opinion of a book. I wonder how my mom felt when I asked her for a reading itinerary (when I was 22! dang, did I make her wait).
  • I get to talk about genres with my 8 year old, YYYEEEEESSSSSS. #nerdmoment
  • I wonder if I can make a Junie B. Jones costume before Halloween? Which one will I try to make, do I have enough time ,it's nearly August!
  • I need to double check and make certain we have every single Junie B. Jones in existence.
  • And finally, DON'T SCREW THIS UP NAT! The love of reading is on the line. Don't overwhelm. Be cool, be cool.
Yes I thought all those things in 3 seconds, I told you I was a weirdo.

I then went on to ask her what kind of stories she liked: scary, funny, mystery, adventure, biography or even how-to types. She told me that she thought she liked all those types except the biography and  how-to kind. #sheisMINE 

We started brainstorming books and different series that she might like. We then took the next step of calling Sugar (grandma), who is a reading teacher, and making our demands. It started off  "Do you have these books in your class?" followed by "I need you to order these in your next book order." Yes, my children are going to live the good literary life between my mom, myself and Kelli.

After it was all said and done I had one thought (yes, ONE)... WINNING, score for the momma! 

I have to give a big, fat thank you to my mom and all the stacks of books I grew up with! Thank you. And yes, I still think you read weird crap and know that you think I read "bubble gum" books. #vampiresarereal


  1. Oh my! How exciting. It's what every mama bookworm hopes for. My little heart does a dance whenever I catch my girl reading.


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