Book Review: What We Hide by Marthe Jocelyn

Americans Jenny and her brother, Tom, are off to England: Tom to university, to dodge the Vietnam draft, Jenny to be the new girl at a boarding school, Illington Hall. This is Jenny's chance to finally stand out, so accidentally, on purpose, she tells a lie. But in the small world of Ill Hall, everyone has something to hide. Jenny pretends she has a boyfriend. Robbie and Luke both pretend they don't. Brenda won't tell what happened with the school doctor. Nico wants to hide his mother's memoir. Percy keeps his famous dad a secret. Oona lies to everyone. Penelope lies only to herself.   Deftly told from multiple points of view in various narrative styles, including letters and movie screenplays, What We Hide is provocative, honest, often funny, and always intriguing.

Release Date: April 8, 2014
Age Group: YA
Source: Review copy from publisher
Reviewed by: Madi B

I couldn’t finish this book. It was just too vulgar. It sounded exciting! An American girl in a British world, but the story line was disappointing. It was literally a compilation of secrets and sex.
I’ve talked to people from England and other countries and I know they’re much more open about that type of stuff then people from, say, the United States, but there’s a line I just can't cross. I just couldn’t bring myself to finish this one, and stopped reading due to the adult content.


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  1. Thank you so much for your honest comments, Madi. I am surprised that this book is supposed to be a YA genre. As a reviewer, I am amazed that the growing amount of adult content in novels. I wish I could get the word out to authors that it is so wrong to write a XXXX-rated novel and call it a sweet romance. There is too much vulgarness in romance novels today and it's sad.


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