#SpreadTheDeliria: Delirium Pilot on Hulu

There has been such a fantastic trend of YA books being adapted into both film & TV series and now we can add web exclusives to the list. The series Delirium by Lauren Oliver has been adapted into a single episode exclusively on Hulu! (Yes, you read that right, ONE episode).

The pilot episode was released just last week and I was eager to watch. For the first time I didnt do a thorough background check or make any assumptions, I just went cold turkey and took the plunge. And I wasnt disappointed, in 42 minutes was hooked. I mean who doesnt love Emma Michaels and  Daren Kagasoff.

This pilot episode will only be available (for free) for 30 days on Hulu. #ticktock. Currently, there are no plans to continue the series; they just want us to all “enjoy” a little piece of Delirium… That’s crap man! What you did was infect me with Amor Deliria Nervosa! You can’t just taunt YA book fiends with a little dystopian eye candy and think everything will be okay in the morning. We have addictive personalities (well, at least I do), we get way too invested in our characters and frankly we just like to have it all.

Dear Wigs & Hulu,
Get your act together.


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  1. Wait, they made Delirium into a ONE episode show and that's it??!!


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