Most people know that I am a glorified book snob. If it isn't epic ain't no body got time for that is my motto. I am around teen girls a lot and they often try to tempt me with different books they are in to (to get me off task of course). A few months ago they were going on and on about a series. But what really caught my attention was that my non-reading, 16 year old sister was totally smitten! I started listening to them more closely as they awaited the conclusion book (The One). When it was delivered and my sister laid in bed and practically put a "Do Not Disturb" sign on her door I knew I was all in. If a series was getting teens like her, sign me up! Long story short and in another post... IT WAS EPIC and totally stalker worthy. I called Kelli and told her it was a must read (immediately) and that she had to review it because I was intimidated. It takes a lot to subdue this beast. Three days later and we were both in agreement that this was a Stalker Worthy series.

When Kelli and I fall in love with a series we tend to obsess, a lot. To be a Stalker Worthy series means that it has pretty much taken over our daily life, stolen sleep and has rendered our families hungry (because you know we don't feed them when we are in this book induced state).

When I am playing taxi to soccer practice or skateboard sessions I call Kelli as I drive. There are always themes to our conversations:
  • woes of raising little hellions 
  • work gossip 
  • quick rants
  • book chat (#duh)- this is the one that really gets us going! 
I mean, we range from acting as if these characters are real to planning (dreaming) how we might convince authors to give us more. Which leads into our stalker worthy series, today specifically, The Selection series by Kiera Cass. I mean, I started watching The Bachelor again because of this series. #influence #yourewelcomeABC

We started talking and even dreaming up the ways that Cass could continue the series. Of course I want(ed) more of  Maxon and America together. But we both wanted to know what was going to happen to the caste system! We were totally into figuring out ways to fix the problems. We also really loved Marlie.

So our conversation had to end and that was that. So we thought...

And then Kiera Cass gives freaking epic news that same day!!!

First, Cass offers a bonus epilogue for The One. Heck to the freakin' yes. Click HERE.

Then, the first 3 chapters of The Queen (which I of course pre-ordered immediately after finishing The One). Click HERE.

And finally, the bombshell. Watch below. 

Now you know why I am freaking out!

Dearest Kiera Cass,

Bring It.


December 2014

image sources: personal, google.com & goodreads.com

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