Book to Movie Review: the Giver

*Warning: Kelli is twitching because 'the' is not capitalized, I did it on purpose
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I had major doubts about this one, and for good reason.
  • This is my all-time favorite book! I compare every dystopian story to this book, it is the gold standard for this genre.
  • I am not a huge Katie Holmes fan.
  • The previews hinted to a love story. the Giver IS NOT A LOVE STORY.
  • The actual book is pretty short and I was worried about how they might "fill" time.
  • This book is the first in the series and if the initial movie is a bust it is highly unlikely that subsequent films be made and THAT CANNOT HAPPEN. #inittowinit #wewantthemall
What did get me excited? (Before watching)
  • The movie being in black and white!
  • JEFF BRIDGES. He is just how I imagined the Giver/Receiver.
  • The world building looked awesome.
  • I was delighted that Jonas was a fresh face.
Post-Show Thoughts

Bridges, Bridges, Bridges... JEFF BRIDGES! He brought his A game for this film! 

In short, this is a MUST SEE! It was epic and everything I've been waiting for, for the last 20 years (yes, I read this book a looonnggg time ago). There was great detail put into Lowry's world that book fans will appreciate. I felt so devoid of emotions and the black & white film was a must to visually do this film justice. The love interest was a little more involved in the plot than I would have liked but it worked.

The question that I am left with is, when should we expect Gathering Blue?!


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  1. Ooooooooooooooooooo I can't wait. It's an amazing book. I totally get your reservations but I'm not surprised about Mr. Bridges. He's a super cool and I believe in the Dude. (Big Lebowski reference)


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