Book to Movie Review: The Maze Runner

If you suffer from anxiety, BEWARE!

This movie was so intense. At one point I leaned over to Sweet Stuff and told him I was forgetting to breathe! To my surprise he said he was too. This film has you on edge from the first few minutes until the last scene. You do not have to be a book fan to love this movie, it needs no introduction or back story. 

What I learned from the Maze...
  • I would have more than likely died in the first 12 6 hours of exiting the cage. #greenie
  • Chuck made me think of the Goonies. Later I wanted to shout "Hey You Guys"
  • They grew way too many radishes. That alone would have made me choose death. 
  • I hated spiders before and I still really hate spiders. #griever
  • Thomas aka Dylan O'Brian nailed it! I might as well admit that I watch MTV's Teen Wolf and Stiles (O'Brian) is my favorite. So naturally I was going to watch this movie regardless. He didn't disappoint.
  • WCKD is good. #liars
The Maze Runner is the perfect film for suspense junkies, sci-fi lovers, men and even date night (get your snuggle on)! And of course this is typical #crack for YA and paranormal book lovers. 

Fall to peer pressure and see The Maze Runner!

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