Month of Premieres: Nat's Top Picks

Not only am I totally committed to my book characters, I'm also devoted to my TV series. I call Kelli and we discuss our favorite series just like we do our books except we can get a tad bit more animated because they are in the flesh!  Since October is the month of premieres, I bring you...

Top 3 that make my week. If you are not watching these, we cannot be friends. Click to see what you are missing --> The Originals   The 100   Beauty & the Beast

What the heck is up with The CW!?! They pretty much own me visually.

Make me want to bite my nails off. 
#scarethecrapoutofme #cantstopwontstop
The only reason I don't follow Supernatural week by week is because it scares the heck out of me. I have to watch a few episodes at a time and then break.

I started this one on a whim because it was suggested on my Hulu. Turned out I really liked the characters and storyline. #teamstiles
My sacrifice for Sweet Stuff.
Husbands tend to get all bent out of shape when you tell them to not talk, look or breathe while your show is on. And heaven forbid if you watch an episode without them! #endoftheworld #maritalproblems #itmustbelove

So, we have a show that we watch with each other, Arrow. It's a 42 minute-long date after the kids are in bed, usually involves ice cream and we have an unspoken rule: that I will not watch any episodes without him. Anyone who says women don't sacrifice are liars.

Soon we will add The Flash to the list.

So I feel like a grown up.
Really Downton Abbey should be in my top 3. It just doesn't feel like a regular TV series because each episode is pretty much a movie AND I LOVE THAT. Any fan of Pride and Prejudice should watch this by default.

Old habits are hard to break.
I'm not sure why I keep hanging onto Grey's Anatomy. #mustbebordom It's the same crap every season... an affair, a death and Derek & Meredith fight or some other relationship goes to the crapper.

A good sleuth. 
I just love this show, it is better than CSI or Criminal Minds in my opinion. Anything written and produced by Kathy Reichs is going to be awesome! If you love the show then you need to give the books a try too. Click HERE for the list.

I really like these shows but I don't feel compelled to starve my family with each new episode. So, when I am waiting for another episode of one of the above mentioned, I will watch Pretty Little Liars Or Once Upon a Time.

I feel really pathetic after that list. I swear I have a full life and do not sit on my couch all day. I think I need to re-evaluate my priorities...

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  1. I'm afraid my list is very short:
    Downton Abbey
    Black List (James Spader is the coolest good guy/bad guy ever)

  2. I love Downton Abbey but I haven't watched Season 4 yet. But I've read the synopses for all the episodes so I know what goes on. Same with Scandal. I should catch up.


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