Book Review: The Cave of Santa Clops by Gig Wailgum

The Cave of Santa Clops is a rollicking holiday adventure in which a young boy explores the secret underground hideout of Santa Clops. It is the second Santa Clops book and it answers some questions that little ones might have about the cyclops Kringle. This rhyming picture book also has plenty of flying dino-penguins and holly-bats. Kids will love the action and adults will love the rhymes and message.
Release Date: October 29, 2014
Age Group: Children
Source: Review copy from author
Reviewed By: Kelli & Kaitlyn
I really enjoyed Gig Wailgum's first Santa Clops book, titled A Visit From Santa Clops (Read review here).  I loved the story for Wailgum's fresh take on the Santa Claus theme. 

Santa Clops is a Cyclops who delivers coal to children on the naughty list.  He lives in a cave along with some interesting dino-penguin birds--- the alternative to reindeer to pull Clops' sleigh.   

The Cave of Santa Clops was just as much fun as its predecessor.  In it, the kids from book one learn the story of Santa Clops from their neighbor, Mr. Bones.  After reading A Visit From Santa Clops, the kids ask their mother if Santa Clops really exists.  She tells them to ask Mr. Bones because he knows the truth.  I love that Wailgum referenced book one in this book.  It was clever and it make me smile.  It's this kind of inventiveness that makes these books so enjoyable for me.

The bulk of the book is Mr. Bones' retelling of his years-ago encounter with Santa Clops.  The story was exciting, and had a lot of action compared to book one.  I felt like this book was geared towards a slightly older audience due to the adventure aspect.  

Wailgum illustrates his own books---I love that.  There are few children's book authors who write and illustrate their own books and I love it when authors do both.  It just makes the book better, in an intangible way.  

The only caveat to The Cave of Santa Clops is that it might be a little scary for younger children, or sensitive children.  My 3 year old is really sensitive and already scared of Santa Claus, so I didn't read this one to her.  I was afraid that the illustrations of Santa Clops would scare her.  I think this series would be perfect for ages 4-5 and up.

The Cave of Santa Clops is a fun, inventive read.  Wailgum provides a unique alternative to Santa Claus, along with an entertaining story.  I recommend this book and will add it to our Christmas book collection.  I expect that by next Christmas, Kaitlyn will be ready for it.  

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