Book Review: How To Date Dead Guys (Under the Blood Moon #1) by Ann M. Noser

College sophomore Emma Roberts remembers her mother’s sage advice: “don’t sleep around, don’t burp in public, and don’t tell anyone you see ghosts”. But when cute Mike Carlson drowns in the campus river under her watch, Emma’s sheltered life shatters.

Blamed for Mike’s death and haunted by nightmares, Emma turns to witchcraft and a mysterious Book of Shadows to bring him back. Under a Blood Moon, she lights candles, draws a pentacle on the campus bridge, and casts a spell. The invoked river rages up against her, but she escapes its fury. As she stumbles back to the dorm, a stranger drags himself from the water and follows her home. And he isn’t the only one…

Instead of raising Mike, Emma assists the others she stole back from the dead—a pre-med student who jumped off the bridge, a young man determined to solve his own murder, and a frat boy Emma can’t stand…at first. More comfortable with the dead than the living, Emma delves deeper into the seductive Book of Shadows. Her powers grow, but witchcraft may not be enough to protect her against the vengeful river and the killers that feed it their victims.

Inspired by the controversial Smiley Face Murders, HOW TO DATE DEAD GUYS will appeal to the secret powers hidden deep within each of us.

Release Date: July 15, 2014
Age Group: NA
Source: Author
Reviewed By: Nat

I am always up for a little witchery and was ready for a fresh series plus Kelli said she had a good feeling about this one, so naturally I downloaded it and dove in. I am starting to lean toward New Adult fiction a lot more lately because the characters are a little older and easier to relate too, plus I don't feel guilty when I want my characters to smooch... and stuff (wanting 15 year olds to fall madly in love with each other can just get weird).

Emma Roberts is your typical naive and insecure sophomore that gets tongue tied when any attention is thrown her way, but a lot of those qualities are pretty relatable for most girls and I really liked her. Her cluelessness when it comes to both college boys and majors was comical and had me thinking back to my college days. Ah, #nostalgia And of course she is pre-med! All freshman/sophomores are going to save the world and live the high adrenaline life of a Grey's Anatomy doctor :)  And college wouldn't be complete without roommate drama.

I absolutely hated her roommate Chrissy. It is nice to have a character that you can't stand right from the start, keeps things interesting. Each time Chrissy entered the picture, I thought to myself "What would Fat Amy say right now?" #fuelthehatefire There are always girls that treat college like an extension of high school and I loathe them. Why? Because high school is over, you twit!

The witchy aspect of Emma's life comes on quick but subtle. It didn't feel like she was a witch or Castor or whatever the new hip term is because she really didn't know what the heck she was doing, she's a self taught witch. She was not pre-destined or had a paranormal intervention, she just found a book and followed the instructions like a good little student. Granted she is bringing back guys from the dead but hey, I'm not judging where one chooses their dating pool, to each his own as the saying goes. With each guy that is introduced, you get to experience another piece of Emma growing up and coming into her own. I thought that was pretty neat and fun to read.

Each addition of a character and twist in the road kept me guessing and I really didn't know where anything was headed. This book is not a predictable tale but rather the breakout story of a modern day Nancy Drew, who happens to be a novice witch and is able to bring back dead guys (so far).

I would recommend this book to fans of paranormal and NA, it's a really fast and fun read. I look forward to Emma's future crises that she will inevitably stumble into whether she wants to or not.

I await the next installment and have my fingers crossed that we will see one dead guy again. #bringhimback #notmike 

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  1. Thanks again for the great review.
    Best part = #bringhimback #notmike (hahaha) :)


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