Book to Movie Review: Mockingjay Part I

When I found out that the Hunger Games Trilogy would be adapted for film, I had one goal: to watch the first two movies and then quit the series forever. I absolutely loathed Mockingjay as a novel. Kelli and I have a saying when something is an epic failure, three little words: Another Mockingjay Debacle which translates into Don't waste your freaking time. #epicdisappointment

With that said, I absolutely LOVED Catching Fire and it is still one of my favorite books to date. When we fell for this series we fell hard and obviously took the conclusion pretty hard. #understatement #obviously

Catching Fire was THE. BEST. MOVIE. ADAPTATION. EVER. (no surprise since the book was of epic proportions). From the casting to the screenplay to the superb costuming, this series has delivered. 

So naturally, I recanted my initial stand and decided I was going to watch Mockingjay with my fingers crossed, hoping (praying, doing a hail Mary, rain dance, you get the idea) that Suzanne Collins would change it up! I know that is completely backwards for any book lover, because typically we threaten Hollywood if they mess up the slightest detail of our beloved YA books. But this is my one exception to date, I wanted that crap changed! 

Mockingjay EXCEEDED my expectations!

Collins delivered! Here's how she's winning me back (I am now cautiously optimistic for Mockingjay Part II).
  1. She wrote in Effie! Mockingjay always needed Effie Trinkett and Elizabeth Banks is her reincarnated. The way that she is written into the storyline was spot on and needed for a little comic relief. Plus, who else could have made the jailhouse clothes of District 13 looks so good? They are better for their Effie Do-rag's.
  2. All the extras! There was dialogue that explained parts of the book better. I will spare spoiling it with detail but have to mention Finnick. When Finnick is filming with the camera crew and starts revealing all his and The Capital's secrets, it fleshed out the back story of President Snow and how he (Finnick) was abused directly by Snow. We needed that in the book. 
  3. Gale. Listen, I was the biggest Gale hater when we were reading this series but dddaaaannnnnggg. How can you not be tempted to become Team Gale when it's Liam Hemsworth. He gets all emotional and you can start to see the hate-fire in his eyes. #nuffsaid
  4. Visually this movie is so intense. I caught myself holding my breathe, getting all girly and emotional and straining my eyes hoping to not miss any detail.
  5. Alma Coin (Julianne Moore) was nice and snakeish and I can't wait to see Katniss put it all together in the end (and freaking arrow her). I have officially turned to the dark side with that comment. #sorrynotsorry #itsfictionpeople 
  6. And the winner-winner, chicken dinner --> hats off to PEETA! Holy Crap was the CGI and Josh Hutcherson spot on. I got all emotional and felt so bad for him every time he appeared even though I knew good and well that it was fake. The visual effects  combined with his performance was excellent and for that, alas, I remain Team Peeta! #youalmosthadmehemsworth
Here's what I hope for in Mockingjay Part II, EXTEND THE FLIPPING EPILOGUE and don't rush the conclusion. #thatisall

This is a Must-See! Period.

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