Book Review: Bridge to Destiny by April Marie Libs

Avery Lawson’s life, once so perfect, spins out of control, not once, but twice in twelve months. Not only does she lose the only man she has ever loved, fate threatens to take her next greatest treasure, her four-year-old daughter, Hannah.

BRIDGE TO DESTINY is a heartwarming story that chronicles the struggles a single mom has to endure with her tenacious, headstrong daughter who is fighting to regain all of her motor skills from a head injury. During her daughter’s recovery, Avery stumbles into an unforeseen relationship with her neurologist, Nathan Banst, first professionally, and then personally, when she sends him an inappropriate text message after a night out drinking. Although mortified, this pushes Avery into a more personal relationship with Nathan, but is it too soon after her husband's death?
Release Date: November 10, 2014
Age Group: Adult
Source: Review copy from author
Reviewed By: Kelli
Bridge to Destiny was such a compelling and emotional story.  I loved it from the first page to the last.

Avery and her husband Mitchel are deeply in love.  They have a four year-old daughter, Hannah, who completes their family.  The story starts with Avery getting ready for her husband's annual work Christmas party.  Within just a few pages, I could feel the love between the family members.  And that deep love made what happens next all the more difficult to read.  Avery and Mitchel are in a car accident, and Mitchel doesn't survive (I'm not spoiling the story---this is in the summary!). 

Avery is left to pick up the pieces of her heart and her family.  She has to pull herself together for Hannah's sake, and just as she starts to adjust to life without Mitchel, another tragedy occurs.  This time, Hannah is hurt.  Avery's world spins out of control as she faces losing her precious daughter.  As a wife and mother, Bridge to Destiny hit really close to home for me.  I too, have one child, a daughter who's almost four.  The thought of what happens to Avery happening to me was sobering to say the least.  So, it was with bated breath that I read Avery's story, desperately hoping for a good outcome for her.

Besides identifying with Avery because of our common circumstances in life, I truly liked her.  She was full of spunk, strength, and wit.  I loved her quick comebacks, her loyalty, and her open, honest disposition. 

Despite Avery losing Mitchel, there is a love story in Bridge to Destiny.  In fact, the crux of the book is the question of if Avery can let herself love another man again.  I was on pins and needles waiting to find out the answer to that question.  One thing I will say, though, was that I really liked the slow build to the relationship between Avery and Nathan. 

April Marie Libs portrayed life with a small child perfectly.  It's a pet peeve of mine when authors write a character's family life as saccharine-sweet.  Hannah threw tantrums, got mad, and acted just like a kid should.  I loved that that part of the story was true to real life. 

I was so pleased with how Bridge to Destiny ended.  It was an emotional ending, and so fitting for the story.  I really loved this book and look forward to reading more from April Marie Libs!


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