I Knew This Day Would Come

I have a confession.  

I am still a Book Snob but I am now a "New Adult" Book Snob. 

I knew that one day (*cough as I got older) I might feel compelled to venture away from YA. And then I discovered, with Kelli’s direction of course, New Adult fiction. And Ladies and Gentlemen that was the beginning of a new affair. #imruined 

What is New Adult Fiction? 
Goodreads defines New Adult fiction as bridging the gap between Young Adult and Adult genres. It typically features protagonists between the ages of 18 and 26

USA Today wrote Navigating the exhilarating, sometimes dangerous chasm between adolescence and adulthood, these novels — aimed at readers out of high school — are roaring up the best-seller list. The setting often is a college campus and the vibe is intense as only young love can be.  

Let me make one thing really clear, I do not like NA because I like to read bedroom romance! Yes, I like the more mature nature but I don’t like trashy romance. This is one of the main reasons I don’t read a lot of adult fiction. I haven’t even watched a rated R movie since I was 17 years old. #imnotlame #ihavestandards  This is why Kelli has always done the “screening” process for me and part of how I’d So Rather Be Reading was born. I don’t want pages of smut. I know there is a section for that. 

I absolutely love the age range, the step-up in adult themes and all the bomb.com authors that I now stalk on goodreads, twitter, really all social media avenues.  I just feel weird sometimes cheering on 16 year olds who find their “true loves” and then read as they contemplate having high school sex or going “far”. I teach college students, I’m about to turn 32 and I can’t relate to 16 year old love in that way anymore… I’m freaking getting old! 

I married Sweet Stuff pretty young (20) and I love to read about finding love in college because I can relate to it and it reminds me of my whirlwind romance. #itsagoodstory  So, needless to say, my auto buy list has grown. Christmas break was so bad (#great) that Sweet Stuff made several comments alluding to the idea that he liked when my Kindle battery was low. #puh-leaseimakesurethatbabyhasafullcharge I had discovered Colleen Hoover... and I butterflying love her! 

I also have made a switch to contemporary. Now, don’t get me wrong I still absolutely LOVE paranormal and dystopian but so many of the “epic” stories I have been following for the last few years came to an end in 2014 and I decided to try something new… then I found Tammara Webber. #againruined  The. Best. I now love the young Hollywood theme, thanks to Between the Lines

(*Side note: I am still anxiously awaiting the releases of my "top 3" dystopians for 2015: Hunted: Sinners #2, the sequal to Perfected- no name yet, and The White Rose: Lone City #2. Look for reviews on these hot series soon!)

So my new auto-buy NA authors include Tammara Webber, Collen Hoover and Jessica Park. And I am very pleased with this new love affair. #bringitladies
 *image source: Book cover images from goodreads.com and the fancy layout was made by Nat (me) on my phone, in an app that I bought and am addicted to.

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