Movie Review: Exodus Gods and Kings

Worst. Movie. Ever.

I am a Christian but I am no scripture master. With that said, I am a respecter of all different faiths and when I saw the trailer for Exodus (the retelling of the story of Moses)I was excited to see how it would be told!

I couldn't have been more disappointed. I guess I have made a lot of wrong assumptions. I assumed that the basics (the miracles) of the story of Moses wouldn't be too hard to screw up... but I was WRONG. 

Hollywood. Sucks.

This was a disgusting representation of Moses and I am still pissed I spent $19 to watch it.

What they got SO wrong:
  1. NO PRAYER. Only "visions" of Moses screaming back and forth with a child.
  2. The Great I AM is not a 10 year old that throws temper tantrums or was illusive with his plans for Moses. Every single attempt was made to remove God from this story.
  3. How in the world do you leave out Moses parting the Red Sea?! HOW? What a fail.
  4. Moses' part in the plagues was non-existent. In this film he didn't have any part in the plagues. No warnings given to the Pharaoh, no compassion or begging between "bothers". Most of the time Moses was surprised and waiting on the sidelines to see what would come next. He even seemed dumbfounded at times.
  5. The Nile River remained bloody... no Moses, no miracle.
  6. Aaron, Moses' mouthpiece, didn't exist. Instead Moses was an angry man who liked to scream and rally the troops aka beaten down Hebrew slaves.
I could go on and on but honestly, I'm tired of even thinking about this movie. I asked Sweet Stuff if we could leave in the middle of it but it was our freaking date night and we were too cheap to leave (yes, we had a conversation during the movie).

The Book is Better!


  1. Oooooooooo total pass. I hate this new thing Hollywood is doing with biblical stories. I hear the same kinda thing happened in Noah.

    1. I wish Hollywood would just get on a "book binge" of all my favorites! Maybe make the second film to If I Stay!

  2. +JMJ+

    I have no plans to see this, but it reminds me of what a friend of mine said about Noah: when watching it, you'd never know that the patriarch in it is supposed to be a type of Christ.

    And wow, I can't believe there's no parting of the Red Sea! Perhaps the filmmakers didn't want to be compared to the other Exodus movies, but that's a big gap they've left in the story!

    1. I didn't watch Noah and now I am really glad I skipped it.

  3. I don't understand why Hollywood insists on making non-religious movies about religious events. Who exactly is their target audience? Seems like all they do is piss people off. (Shrug)

  4. I know right! It totally put me in a bad mood.


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