Book Review: Just Beginning: A Prequel to Just Destiny by Theresa Rizzo

From award-winning author, Theresa Rizzo, comes this prequel to bestselling Just Destiny.

Twenty-something Jenny Campbell's life has been a series of screw-ups, and the latest one endangered her little brother's life. But when she falls for sophisticated Gabe Harrison, she has a chance to turn her life around...if she can keep her past a secret.

Gabe's career as a successful doctor has left just enough time for his teenage children and little else. But when beautiful, vivacious Jenny comes along, she breathes love and happiness into his lonely life. There's only one problem: their families are opposed to their relationship. Money and age differences mean nothing to Gabe as long as they have trust, love, and respect.

But can two out of three be good enough?
Release Date: December 10, 2014
Age Group: Adult
Source: Review copy from author
Reviewed By: Kelli
I loved Theresa Rizzo's Just Destiny (read my review here---but only if you're okay with spoilers for this book) and was really excited to get to know Jenny and Gabe before the events of Just Destiny took place.

As is the case with all prequels, it was odd to read this book, knowing what would happened to Jenny and Gabe in Just Destiny.  It was almost like having a premonition of something bad happening the whole time I was reading.  This feeling kept me from really investing myself in the story, since I knew sad times were on their way for Jenny and Gabe.  My only regret about Just Beginning is that I wish I'd read it before Just Destiny

With that said, I did really enjoy Just Beginning.  I love Rizzo's writing style: she draws me in and I can't put her books down.  Her premises are so believable and realistic that I feel like the things that happen to her characters could easily happen to me.  This feeling allows me to put myself in the characters' shoes and really get drawn into the story.

I loved getting to know Steve, Jenny and Gabe's neighbor and great friend, even better in this book.  He's one of the main characters in book two, and I loved knowing his history and back story.  It made me like him even more.

Just Beginning is a great read.  I highly recommend these books, and can't wait to read Theresa Rizzo's next book!


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  1. Hi Kelli, I'm so happy to see you enjoyed Jenny and Gabe's story. It is bittersweet knowing what happens. Thanks for reading!


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