Book Spotlight: Another Rebecca by Tracey Scott-Townsend

Another Rebecca

by Tracey Scott-Townsend
When past torment threatens what little semblance of a family Rebecca Grey has, how are any of them going to keep a grip on reality?
Paperback ISBN:           978-1-908600-43-1
eBook ISBN:                 978-1-908600-44-8

March 2015 will see the release of ‘Another Rebecca’, the second title from author Tracey Scott-Townsend which follows the interweaving lives of a teenage girl and her parents as they struggle to reconcile past tragedy with the present moment. Once again, Townsend returns to explore familial relationships with a powerful, bright light, illuminating those dark corners that many of us would rather remain undisturbed. Nevertheless, her command of character persists as she expertly knits together the separate strands of her narrative.
Struggling to emerge from the shadows of someone else’s grief, Rebecca Grey has a hard time living her own life. Between caring for her alcoholic mother and battling mental health issues, there is little room left for trivial teenage dilemmas. But as the evidence begins to add up, and the truths of the past are revealed in all their startling detail, Rebecca must find her own path or risk losing herself for good.
In her own unique style, Scott Townsend manages to capture a snap shot of a single family in crisis, while exploring those themes that touch all our lives.

Three lives tied together

Family, tragedy and overwhelming guilt… You’ve read it all before, but not like this. The same story, three ways, each more emotive than the last.
Chapter Four: Rebecca
      Rodins The Kiss sits on a plinth in the corner of Dr Parrishs office. I saw the real thing when I went to The Tate with my art class. The original is much bigger and is made from marble, unlike this small bronze copy.
        Dr. Parrish is telling mum about the tablets I have to take when I go home, and shes at least pretending to listen. I catch her eye and we both try not to be the one to smile first. She looks away but her lips are already curving upward at the corners.
        Part of me is scared about leaving. There were no responsibilities in here.
     In the car park, I watch Mum carefully as she puts my bag in the boot of the car. She doesnt look like shes had a drink today.
         Im tired out by the time I get myself strapped into the seat beside her.
         All right babe? She traces a finger over my cheekbone. Youre so pale. You have violet hollows under your eyes, Rebecca Jane, but to me you are still the most beautiful girl in the world.
         She gives me a sad smile. When she says things like that I wouldnt change her for anything. Sometimes her dark brown eyes remind me of the seals at the sanctuary where I had my Saturday job. I used to stare at those seals eyes for ages. But if Mum catches you looking into hers she puts on that gormless expression shes good at faking.
         I cant relax in the car, havent been able to since that time we had a crash. The sound of the other car hitting us when Mum wasnt paying attention felt like it cracked my skull open. It didnt count as drink driving on Mums part because nothing showed up on the breathalyser but you could smell it if you were cooped up in that small space with her. The worst thing about it was, she couldnt stop laughing afterwards.
         Peopleve asked me why I insisted on going back to live with her when I couldve stayed with the Marten family. I was happy there, its true. But I guess the simple answer is: shes where I belong. I cant just pretend shes not. And Im afraid shell end up dying of some stupid accident if I dont stay with her. I sneak a look at her face while shes driving, tongue tucked into her cheek and her eyes narrowed, fastened on the road. At least shes more careful these days.
About the Author
Tracey spends her writing time in her much-loved shed. Its a world of her own making, like her stories. She says that stepping inside and closing the door behind her induces a feeling like the one you get in the hushed atmosphere of a church. 
She is the mother of four children, three of whom have now left home: one of them particularly far away. Still, shes sure that Australia will provide as much inspiration for her writing as Iceland has done, (another place she was introduced to by her son). Shes really hoping to witness a full show of the Northern Lights next time she is there.
Closer to home, Tracey enjoys travelling in the bus-with-a-woodstove with her husband and their Labrador, Riley. They are always on the lookout for a scenic layby in which to sleep. Last year they spent time all over the British Isles, including the Outer Hebrides, which will be the setting for a future novel. In a few years they plan to set off on the road (by way of the sea) for an extended period of time: after all, writing can be done anywhere.
Contact Information
To learn more about Tracey Scott-Townsend, why not visit her corner of the internet, or contact her via the information below:
Twitter: @authortrace

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