Book-to-Movie Review: The DUFF

I haven’t read the book and had only watched the trailer and learned the definition “Designated Ugly Fat Friend”.

It was HILARIOUS! About 5 minutes into it, I had already decided three things:
  1. I would buy it.
  2. I could compare its inappropriate, yet hilarious, humor to Pitch Perfect, which is the highest compliment I can give. #accabelieveit
  3. And that I am reading that book.
Sweet Stuff was cracking up throughout and I was doing the ugly laugh and had to cover my mouth with my jacket in an attempt to muffle myself. Our walk to the car and drive home included all our favorite one-liners and then trying to decide when we were DUFFs and who were the DUFFs in school.
If you need a good laugh and a reminder of how lame high school really was, see The DUFF!

Side note: I don’t think the first “F” is always correct when identifying a DUFF, I was a stick and didn’t need a bra for most of high school (not that I wear one now, TMI?) So I was just a DUF.

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