Book Review: Changers (Book 2: Oryon) by T. Cooper & Allison Glock-Cooper

Summary: Oryon in the four-part Changers series for young adults finds our hero Ethan/Drew on the eve of her second metamorphosis—into Oryon, a skinny, African American skater boy with more swagger than he knows what to do with. Enter a mess of trouble from the Changers Council, the closed-minded Abiders, the Radical Changers (RaChas), and his best friend Audrey—at least she was his best friend when Oryon was Drew—and now, it's complicated.

But that's life (and life, and life, and life) for Changers, an ancient race of humans who must live out each year of high school as a completely different person. Before next summer, Oryon will learn what it means to be truly loved, scared spitless, and at the center of a burgeoning national culture war. Most of all, he will learn again how much the eyes of the world try to shape you into what they see—and how only when you resist do you clearly begin to see yourself.

Release Date: April 2015
Age Group: YA
Source: Publisher
Reviewed By: Rocky

Oh how exciting it was to get Book 2 of the Changers series! This series is addicting which is why I was dying for more. As soon as I started reading I was immersed into the book, unable to put it down. 

I was satisfied throughout book two. There was just the perfect amount of a love interest and rebellion which are two things that go hand in hand perfectly. Still, the book had me laughing at moments but also kept me wanting to skip lines to read further ahead (which I didn't dare do).

I'm already anticipating the arrival of Changers Book 3. Things get saucier between Oryon (formerly Drew) and Audrey. The forbidden love is tied in with more secrets than Oryon can handle. He wants to expose himself to be with her and he knows he just can't. He already suspects that the Changers Council is breathing down his neck, watching every move he makes. I won't ruin the ending.... but I get a little emotional with cliffhangers. Let's just say I'm extremely impatient and in dire need of some answers! The series is just getting better and better.

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