Book Review: Draw-A-Saurus by James Silvani

This in-depth yet accessible dinosaur drawing guide combines humor, creativity, and the latest dino research to show artists young and old how to breathe life into drawings of their prehistoric favorites. 
Prehistoric Pencil Power!
Even though they lived some 65 million years ago, dinosaurs and other prehistoric reptiles continue to rule today. From movies to comics and cartoons, these ancient, giant beasts are everywhere you turn. Of course, who wants to just read about or watch these dinos when you can learn how to use pencils, pens, markers, and more to draw your very own?

Cartoonist James Silvani combines easy-to-follow art exercises with the latest, greatest dino-facts to help you create fun and cool dinosaur doodles all by yourself. With lessons on old favorites like T-rex and stegosaurus, as well as lesser-known (but still awesome) creatures like the massive argentinosaurus, Draw-a-Saurus has everything the dinosaur fan could ever ask for (outside of their very own pet dino!).

Release Date: September 2014 
Age Group: Middle Grade 
Source: Publisher
Reviewed By: Nat 

This is a very detailed and informational workbook. When I first received this book I was immediately excited because I have a 6 year old who loves science and animals. The cover is very attractive and the facts were great but it was way to advanced for my sons age. This book is more of a workbook for how-to training in drawing with facts fed throughout.

I sent it to Ms. Leger's class to see what her 6th graders thought of it. There was one student in particular that absolutely loves dinosaurs and was eager to give it a go. He spent about a week going through it and really enjoyed it. Anytime there was a free moment Ms. Leger said he would pull out the book and begin drawing and reading intently. He reported to her that the book was "the best drawing book with correct information". {Did I mention he is a bit of a dinosaur connoisseur? :)}

This book is ideal for a very specific group. Ideally, a middle grader that has a love for dinosaurs, has a personality that appreciates attention to detail and only a mild interest in drawing. The step-by-step illustrations really break it down and allow for someone with minimal drawing abilities to follow.

We received two copies for review. One was given to the awesome student mentioned and the other is up for grabs! Want to give it a go? Or have someone in mind? Enter the giveaway below and I'll ship you a copy!

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  1. Oh my goodness that is so cute! I would love to win this for my son, he loves Dinosaurs.
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