Children's Book Review: Mom School by Rebecca Van Slyke

In this adorable kid’s-eye view of what would happen if Mom went to school, a little girl imagines Mom School, where all moms learn their amazing skills, like fixing a bike tire and baking cupcakes. With warm, funny illustrations and a fun role-reversal story in which moms act like kids, young readers will love imagining what would happen if their own moms went to Mom School.

"An appealing addition to read at Mother’s Day and throughout the year."—School Library Journal

"Gently funny and knowing, it’s a good bet for moments of mother-child bonding."—Publishers Weekly

Release Date: March 24, 2015
Age Group: Children's: 3-7 years
Source: Publisher
Reviewed By: Kelli and Kaitlyn
Kaitlyn and I loved this sweet story!  It's narrated by a little girl, who talks about the things she likes about pre-school.  She reflects on the fact that her mom knows how to do all kinds of things.  The little girl decides that her mom must have gone to Mom School, to learn how to be a great mom.
Mom School is full of beautiful illustrations.  Priscilla Burris did a wonderful job with the pictures.  They were Kaitlyn's favorite aspect of the story. 
I loved the sweet and concise prose.  The story flowed well and easily.  There was a bit of humor and the book ended on a really tender note.
Mom School is a great read.  It would be a perfect Mother's Day gift!


  1. How sweet. I like the concept. Sounds fun.

    1. Juju, it was such a sweet, inspiring read!


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